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  1. Awesome thanks so much. I got a secondhand boot and was able to rekey the lock to my key using your tutorial.
  2. Hey Guys, Thought I would let everyone know I found the issue. The rod going from the door key lock had like a piece attached to it, like one of the rod connectors, this one was yellow. This was just dangaling. Using the above image as a reference, I removed the actuator and found that this yellow attachment actually should be attached directly to the actuator in a special slot. It's kind like a pivot arm. I think a repair was done to the plastic part of the actuator but failed causing it to just dangle down from the key lock. Super glued it all back together and works perfectly. Attached are some photos.
  3. Hey Ossy, Yeah not sure mate, looking online at heaps of photos some have the gaps and some don't. Do you have a photo of yours you can share for the group? Dan
  4. OK Update found images online and I think the issue may be the aftermarket tail lights. This image of a Skyline currently at jack phillips jdm has similar sort of gaps. What do you guys think?
  5. Hey Guys, What is going on? Newbie here, check out my post on the Newbie Introductions page. So guys I am building this r33 I bought site unseen off the interwebs. The guy told me it has an issue starting amongst other issues. I will be posting regular updates on here and also posting videos on YouTube of my build progress. The first issue I will be tackling is the starting issue, I think it may be electrical or fuel related. what do you think the issue could be. Post your comments below. Talk soon all
  6. Hey GTSBoy, Thanks for your quick reply mate. Yeah I did that. Seems to be different from the otherside. Ill check again on the weekend. for reference, it's this is the ROD but on mine I can't seem to hook it into the actuator. I must be missing something here.
  7. Hi All, Strange issue in the R33 I just purchased. The drivers side door wont lock or open with the key, can lock from inside when flicking the latch. Did some investigation, removed the door interior trim and found that there is a rod from the key lock just dangling/hanging down not attached to anything. I would think that this rod would attach to the actuator but I can't see anywhere on the actuator this rod would link to. I see other rods link to the actuator using colour coded clips but cant find where this one goes. Anyone have suggestions? Ill post pics this weekend. Thanks
  8. Hey Guys, Had to replace my Boot/Trunk Lid for my series 1 R33 as the other was broken into. Got one from a guy on gumtree pretty cheap but oh man for whatever reason its not aligning and the gaps are huge, can fit my fingers in them. Anyone have any ideas or what the go is? spent hours on it and got nowhere. The main issue is where the taillights and the skyline garnish is. Not sure if it is because of the aftermarket tail lights. See attached photos. Any help would be great guys.
  9. Hi All, Like to introduce myself. My name is Dan, live in Melbourne been a long time viewer of the forum but now I am a member. So excited that I've been lucky enough to pick up a 1993 R33 GTS-T White Pearl. Been looking for Skyline since I was a teenager, couldn't afford them during the sexspec days of 2000's but now I am all grown up and have got my hands on a pretty nice one. Needs some work but happy put in the hardwork and learning. I will post regularly with build updates etc, please don't smash me online if I ask any dumb questions. Looking forward to the future and getting the car up and running. Here are some attached photos of my R33. Talk soon all!!! wooooo I have a R33 Run what I brung WOLF EMS 3D V4 GCG Turbo GSB8007A (unknown PSI) Bosh 040 Fuel Pump Greddy catch can Turbosmart BOW Turbosmart FPR 2000 Turbosmart Boost Tee Lonza Steering wheel Autometer boost gauge Autometer DPSS shift light level 1 HKS Turbo timer Tuned by AVO Turbos back in 2010 274.4 KW
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