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  1. Hey Guys, If anyone is selling a R33 series 1 body kit please let me know. Located in Melbourne 3004 Thanks
  2. Hi Guys, Dan here, nice meeting a lot of you on the weekend. Simon, let me know how you go with that Doug guy in Berwick for RWC. See you all at the next meet up. Dan
  3. I will be attending but sadly won't be able to bring the R33 down. Looking forward to meeting some fellow enthusiasts. See you guys then!
  4. Hi All, Thought I would post an update. Car has been moved to my apartment where I have been doing some more work in it. Completed the following. Replaced bonnet Replaced drivers side door lock actuator Installed boot carpet and trim Replaced a few bits of interior trim Wired in front bumper indicators Started sanding side skirts, boot, bonnet in prep for paint To be completed Tune - will be done at Sabbadin Run new vacuum lines Paint intercooler piping satin black Install alarm system Pain side skirts, boot, bonnet Boot leaking Weld boot floor pan (due to rust) Replace exhaust Custom air intake RWC Club Reg Hopefully she will be on the road by Summer Will keep you guys updated. Dan 20190701_194210_1.mp4
  5. Hey Man, Yeah that's one option. I want to clean up the whole engine bay and get it looking smick. Next on the list is to get the RWC sorted for the car. erghh that's going to be fun. Not sure how the heck I am going to get one.
  6. Haha I know right. It's done now, so glad I did my research.
  7. Hey Guys, I'll be coming down. As a new skyline owner interested in saying hello and meeting fellow skyline enthusiasts. Dan
  8. I am going to see what the original tail lights look like. Hope it is OK. Found this online seems similar.
  9. Hey guys, Think I have an idea what the issue is. Removed the bumper and played around with the latches on the boot lid and body but still same. So then I started to look at the after market tail lights and found that possibly these lights may not be 100% correct fitment. Loosened the nuts and pulled the lights out a bit and now its looks normal. What do you guys think? Maybe I can source the original lights and see what happens.
  10. Hey Guys, After some parts. R33 Front bumper fibreglass or plastic R33 Bonnet R33 boot trim and carpet Located in Melbourne, happy to drive to pickup. Let me know!!!
  11. Here's some more videos of the car running. 20190523_162836.mp4 20190523_163041.mp4 VID-20190519-WA0000_1_1.mp4
  12. Hey Xntrq, Ok cool. Yeah just grabbed that pic from Google. I am in Melbourne unfortunately, would you post or is it not worth the effort? Thanks Dan
  13. Haha Thanks Steve for the warm welcome. No i have to figure out how the heck I am going to get an RWC and Club Reg it.
  14. Hey guys, If anyone is selling boot trim and carpet for an r33, please get in touch. Looking to spend about $80.00. Picture attached of what I need
  15. All done. Installed and running 20190518_121921.mp4
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