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  1. Does anyone know the torque spec for suspension including arms rear and fronts thanks
  2. What is the numbers on the side of a block for rb20det ? Just trying to work out if it’s a plus t or a det and same for the head ? Anyone know
  3. Lost the bolts does any one know the size of the gearbox cross member bolts ?
  4. Yeah all three of them ? Can you use them ?
  5. Can you use the gearbox sensor from a auto gearbox into a Manuel ? Gearbox
  6. whats the best supporting mods like ? injectors ,turbo, manifold maf, ffp ? is it worth upgrade water pump/oil pump, what coils to run I heard r35 Gtr coils are pretty good ? what clutch to run ? lightweight fly wheel ? should I be changing to arp head stud as well as a MLS head gasket ? best radiator/intercooler ? any internal I need to be upgrading . wanting some lumpy cams all that good stuff cheers thanks in advance
  7. Where is the best place to put axel stand on r32 four door ? Please comment with photos ?
  8. Looking to buy good condition rear pillar trims for r32 sedan
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