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  1. Well sort of any ideas what it could be feels like your towing something at 5Rpm
  2. So I’ve just put the motor back in my r32 skyline running factory Rb20det factory ecu when I hit 5rpm it struggle almost feels like it’s boost cutting any ideas was running fine when I originally had in the car never opened up the motor ?
  3. Wanting to buy the rubber air inlet between airflow meter and turbo .mainly after the breather pipe but will buy the whole thing photo below of what I’m looking for cheers
  4. Anyone know where to get the ball joint for a rear lca r32 or know the part number cheers
  5. Is there any different between a gtst brake booster and 20e brake booster I’m running gtst big brakes cheers ?
  6. Can I use a rb20de intake manifold on a rb20det ? Any issue I’ll run into ?
  7. Nah this is the front hubs and it’s a rwd see in the photo we’re the lower control arm and the axle ball joint is I can’t remove it won’t so ever ? No hicas either
  8. So I’m removing my 4 stud hub carrier and replacing it 5 stud I’ve taken everything of but it’s still won’t come out from the axel and Lower arm bolt from some reason it seize on there any suggestions r32 skyline (I’ve removed both castle nuts as well both split pins)
  9. so ive recently changed from wasted spark setup to coils packs and wondering if anyone knew what size bolts goes in the the coilpack to hold them down ?
  10. Does anyone know the torque spec for suspension including arms rear and fronts thanks
  11. What is the numbers on the side of a block for rb20det ? Just trying to work out if it’s a plus t or a det and same for the head ? Anyone know
  12. Lost the bolts does any one know the size of the gearbox cross member bolts ?
  13. Can you use the gearbox sensor from a auto gearbox into a Manuel ? Gearbox
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