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  1. So the time has come to throw some cash at the c35 laurel current setup is rb25det neo with a front mount inter cooler i need some info on the first thing to buy, ideally I’d be happy for around 450-500 bhp, if I could get away without going fully forged even better.. time has come to freshen up the engine bay... the less down time = more fun!! Direct bolt on turbo? Link ecu? Spitfire coil packs? Front facing intake plenum? Remap? Oil cooler kit? Best way to up the boost? Get rid of the 2 stage maybe.. currently running 7psi. any info would be greatly appreciated 👍
  2. Ah I see.. Its on a standard ecu so I was told when I bought the car... it was running a link ecu so the previous owner told me... I’ll disconnect the hose until the funds come available to replace the ecu with another link... 👍
  3. Cheers, I haven’t cut any pipes yet as I was unsure.. I haven’t got a factory boost guage on my c35 laurel, I will try get a clearer picture from the side at the weekend and I’ll pm you with them if you don’t mind... thanks in advance 👍
  4. Hi all, im installing a boost guage and two other gauges in my c35 laurel, i have removed the 2 din stereo and fitted a 1 din stereo and I’m having a 3 52mm hole 1 din size guage holder to fill the space up... I have the boost guage wired up to the stereo for power & illumination & the ground running to a bolt on the chassis next to the gear stick... can I tap into the wire that’s coming from the front of the manifold that has been blocked off or do I tap into the line going into the acctuator on the left strut tower?? Also I have a tube running from the turbo that runs into a sensor for the ecu, could someone explain what that is for?? Also I’ve 2x gauges left to buy, any recommendations what to put there?? Air fuel ration, voltmeter, water temp, oil temp, ect... Any help would be greatly appreciated 👍
  5. Ah ok I’ll scrap that so... I’ve found this.. https://www.jdm-import.com/jdm-shop/drivetrain/differential/genuine-differential-nissan-skyline-r33-r34-laurel-c35/#prettyPhoto. Would this be more along the lines??? Any info on how to tell if it is the correct diff??? Thanks in advance 👍
  6. Hi... im in need of info about what diff to get get for a 1999 c35 laurel, along with ratio’s.. I’m looking to get a 2 way lsd I’ve been offered a r230 with a 3.69 ratio would this be a straight bolt on?? does anyone know where is the best place to get one or would it be cheaper to buy the bits and rebuild my current case?? Any help would be greatly appreciated 🚗👍
  7. Hi All, After abit of searching I have picked up a 99 Nissan laurel c35, the lad I bought the car off said it has a RB25DET neo? He also claimed the car was making 350bhp without any supporting mods on just a ecu tune.. I cannot see many mods, it used to have anti lag on a link ecu but that has since been swapped back to standard ecu ( so he claimed) I’m new to rb’s and after a lot of searching online they all look the same and here I am on here looking for a few answers & apologies if these questions have been answered before 👍 1) is this RB25DET a neo? Series 1/2?? 2) traction control.. I’m having a hard time getting the rear wheels Spinning is this because traction control is either on (switch) or there is a problem with the diff? No visible switch in car.. (just want to do a few burnouts and donuts.. I’ve been away a lot and only have been cruising with my daughter in the car when I’m home) 3) apparently it has a lsd diff but it makes lots of noise when in 1st gear and clunks on tight turns/reversing, can hear the tyre squeak ( it’s a loud clunk) would this be welded or a 2way diff? 4) engine mods.. I’m looking for roughly 450bhp and what mods would be needed to hit my goal?? 5) direct bolt on turbo for my RB?? What size flange is it t4, t3? Injector size to reach 450bhp Last question.. 6) ET wheel sizes.. I have my eye on some 18” xxr’s 526 9j et 25.. would these fit on?? I’m very unsure about spending 1k for them not to fit 😂 Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Regards.
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