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  1. Ah that’s my problem then.. I have just noticed the gaskets are different too 🤦‍♂️ The neo ones have a flat edge where the normal rb are rounded.. I’ll use the old gasket as it seems to be in good condition. Ive changed all 6 spark plugs as the old ones were looking dirty I have just bought some skyline r34 gt & gtt rb25neo genuine cylinder head half moons, just waiting on paint to be delivered then it can go back together, cheers for all the help and info!!
  2. I will check them again before the new covers go on.. would there be a difference in size for the rb25det and the neo motor in regard to the half moons??
  3. B20F0D2C-78DC-4720-9E64-FC3049558F44.webp 5732BB50-7AFC-4A06-AFC5-437117713CA4.webp
  4. I got the bolt kit from Franklin performance, they came with small washers but are not the crush type,, I will try get some new factory bolts from somewhere or re use the ones I took off.. cheers for the sequence! I did tighten from the middle to each end, I will make sure not to use a ratchet and only tighten by 🖐 once the replacement covers get delivered this week.
  5. The sealer I used was like a liquid and came with a brush in the pot, I put a healthy amount on around the half moon to try get a good seal so it didn’t leak but the height wouldn’t be caused by the sealer imo..
  6. I may have to agree on this.. I will get some rubber half moons I think as said, as they can squash down.
  7. I’m not sure, I purchased them from Franklin performance along with the head bolt kit
  8. Hi All, I decided to paint my rocker covers with a aerosol can I had for the last 6 months, I de greased and lightly sanded the bad spots then scotch brite all over, I then gave 2 coats of primer & let it dry, I then gave it two coats of Matt black & let theist dry, then put on two coats of watermelon megashift pearl and to finished I put two coats of lacquer, I was very happy with how they turned out considering it was done in my shed on a cold night with aerosol cans, I pulled the old pvc grommet and the two pipes from each head and put in An-10 adapters ready for the lines to go to the catch can, I cleaned the old sealant from the front and rear of the block and removed the 2 half moons as billet replacements and a head bolt kit to replace studs and washers.. on installing the half moons I put a healthy amount of sealer on and sat them in, I noticed that they don’t sit flush with the head, is that normal?? I put some sealer on the back portion of the head covering the half moon and along the front of the head.. I replaced gaskets with new ones just to be sure!! All was looking good at this stage.. but then .... As I was tightening the rocker cover studs my brother said that will do as moments earlier I said they only had to be hand tight, me being me I gave an extra turn and all CC I heard was “ding” I looked down and it was split 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.. After a lot of swear words we walked away for an hour or two then I started the car to see if it would leak under pressure and surely it was 😭😭😭.. I noticed that it was leaking from the half moons at the rear too!! I have sourced some rocker covers and will have to start again.. Any ideas why the half moons don’t sit flush and why the sealant didn’t seal & the rear of the head?? It did recommend 24 hrs but I’ve also heard people doing this job and driving straight away.. Any info ?? Did I miss something along the way??
  9. Hi, I’m looking for anything around the 400-450 bhp mark.. I’m not looking to go forged yet ( maybe in the future) its a road car and the odd drift day. I won’t be going e85 as it’s hard to find in Ireland as it was phased out a few years ago, so it will be regular unleaded for the c35 laurel ⛽️, On a side note I have a bio power 9-5 and it’s a shame I can’t get e85 for that too
  10. Hi all, after reading 615 pages I’m still confused on which turbo to buy 🤦‍♂️ I have a unopened rb25 neo, fmic, I have a link ecu and a 6 boost manifold waiting to go in, would I be better off with the ART43G3SAT or go for the g3 .82 bb version I have my eye on 750cc injectors to go with it. cheers
  11. Cheers for that info, I live in Ireland and it seems like a good deal especially with the 6 boost manifold.. I’m only looking to make around 400 and I’ll be happy around that ball park.. a link ecu is in the pipe work along with injectors.. if I don’t have to go forged for abit of fun that will help the bank balance! Was there much lag on your rb30?? Did you go .82 or .63?? I hope there isn’t much lag on my neo motor with the .82 if I decide to buy it.
  12. Cheers for the info, I haven’t touched the turbo or wastegate but before I spend out I’ll give it a look over, the stainless only went as far as the cat.. I was holding off going the whole way till I decided if I go with a new top mount external wastegate turbo and manifold setup... it’s baffling but the noise is annoying when I’m giving it beans 🙈
  13. Hi All, since I got a stainless exhaust put on my rb25detneo I have noticed a screeching noise when on full boost.. I’m thinking the turbo may be on the way out.. i have found this for €2k has anyone had any experience with these turbos?? https://www.jdmgarage.com.au/shop/rb25-rb26-turbo-kit-boosted-aeroflow-5855-6-boost-turbosmart-gtx3076r-82-natural/ link to video of screeeching sound.. Any info would be great 👍
  14. Cheers man!! Before I left I checked the hazard switch and it was getting 12v, the stick in the steering column works with the lights just not the indicator, I’ll check out the wiring diagrams while I’m away and when i get back in a few week from work I’ll have to get searching with the multimeter as it’s a must fix job ? managed to get the driftworks suspension arms on and did a clean and wax so the weekend wasn’t an entire waste ?
  15. I think I read that it pulls 1.3amp on normal and 2.3amp when heating.. maybe it should be ran directly to the battery?? I thought the power to the guages would be sufficient?? Would that cause the indicator and hazard to stop working?? I don’t have the bung installed yet. cheers GTSBoy
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