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  1. In the Hyundai i30 Fastback model is a very exceptional model because it is the Fastback sits on the same 2650mm wheelbase as the hatchback, but it’s 120mm longer and 21mm lower, and the more slippery shape improves on the five-door’s drag coefficient of 0.320 Cd to 0.297 Cd. Despite the extra length, Hyundai says there’s only 12kg extra mass over the rear axle of the longer car – the total weight penalty, though Hyundai quotes the same 1429-1509kg range for both models. It is a wise decision to check complete features of the car before buying, you can easily check complete features of the car from https://www.quickrevs.com.au/.I have also check complete details of Car when I bought the car for my wife.
  2. I am not sure that any of the aftermarket mirrors for R32 or S13 will fit the A3 because there is a significant difference between them.
  3. I already have but I am searching for a more luxurious car for me according to need and I always feel so glad to know about the new car and related information.
  4. Hi there everyone. This is Saire and wanna learn more about cars & everything, so excited about joining SAU.
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