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  1. Thanks! She's got 140K Km on her, the previous owner appears to have done a great job keeping her clean, i've only owned her for about 3-4 months. Ironically, this car got me into detailing so I want to keep it that way. I will PM you about your question on the Germans! -R
  2. Hello everybody! I'm not new to cars, before life put me on a hiatus from having fun with cars I was big into BMWs. While I may be done with the germans, I haven't seen straight sixes through. I'm a big believer in community so I hope I get to help someone just as much I hope someone will one day be able to help me. I'm an American and many of you may know that we didn't get these cars until 25 years too late. I own a '94 Skyline GTR, mostly stock with a few mods to help her breath better. I currently have R33 N1 turbos on their way to the states to be rebuilt, I'm aiming for a mild 450-500hp street machine. Hopefully I can have a long block built within the year, budget permitting. I have attached a few pictures. If any are interested, I may be able to help individuals obtain parts from the motherland. Cheers! -R
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