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  1. Looks good, thanks alot for the help mate much appreciated, I've been lost on this topic for a good month, it's finally good to get some clarity on it. I'm going to have to wait for a few months to gather the money, if I had it right now I'd bag the car and ship it over lol. By the way are these prices negotiable or are they all set prices at r31 House lol. Once again, I appreciate the advice mate.
  2. Thanks for info man, any idea as to the best person to speak to in order to contact them? Also would you know How much the restoration would cost roughly from what you've heard, or does it vary depending on what parts and options you want? Cheers lads
  3. Thanks for the info, much appreciated. Shame as I'm looking to buy in a couple of months (around 6 months), by then they'd probably go up another few thousand. My budget is 55k Australian, but I want an OK deal as its a long term investment and would absolutely complete a dream of mine to have it parked side by side with the dr30. Keep me in your prayers in my search hahaha
  4. Looking for a 1987 r31 gts-r as my next purchase, if you have one your looking to sell or are selling and have a rough gauge as to how much you want please feel free to reply. If not I might have to source from overseas!
  5. Thanks, yeah Im rethinking the sale as I feel like I'm not going to find one in this condition again! But I have no idea how to remove the ad haha, any advice as to how to remove the post lol
  6. Hey buddy, I love the dr30 aswell sad to see it move on. The price is negotiable however.
  7. Thanks my man, hard to let her go but needs to be done
  8. Not letting me edit however asking price is 40k or nearest offer!
  9. History: Car was imported from Japan in 2017 and was put into a collection. I am the second owner in Australia and the car has been sitting in the garage since bought. About the car: This dr30 is quiet possibly the cleanest in the country (with no exaggeration) and everything is original. The paint is original, factory recaro seats, genuine nismo steering wheel, power steering, factory turbo timer (1-3 minutes) and factory hard soft suspension settings. Car sits on genuine watanabe wheels. Original Fj20et that came with the car from FACTORY with 56xxx km's on the clock and body. Text or call me on 0432101350 for more details or photos, or email me on michael.elmasri1@gmail.com car needs to be seen in person there's a lot more to it e.g. Papers from Japan and other goodies. $40k
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