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  1. Hi Geoff I contacted GCG who advised the turbo was on back order (30Days) and i asked how long till the t4 rear would be released as i did not mind waiting. I was told it wont ever be released. no sure if this is true but i think GCG would know what is going on.
  2. Hi Lith Thanks for the response. I should have given a bit more information. The car is being built as a street car with roll racing in mind, with a 9.9sec pass on some mt as a goal I would like to active. It's not a dedicated drag car as I still want to go for family drives. I am sticking with a manual (r34 getrag) and 4.1 diffs, so thinking this should help with response. I understand It won't help with the lag situation but once in the right rpm range it should be able to maintain boost. One of the other reasons I was looking to go Garrett is the relaiabilty fact. I have a gt3566 custom built thing on my other skyline and it has never let me down. Mind you it is an old Turbo and quality may have changed since 2006. I may just have to wait for more results. To male the final decision.
  3. Hi All With my current setup (nitto 2.8 and cnc head) i was originally looking to go with a BW9174 or 9180. I then changed my mind and decided i would go with a PTE 6870 as i did not think the BW would get me the top end i wanted. So now with the release of the g35-1050 i am thinking that this might be the turbo for me as it should make more then the BW and have more response then the PTE. Looking at the video from Andrew, its hard to tell as it does not look as responsive as i would have thought it would be. do you guys think im on the money with putting it between the BW abd PTE?? CheersNeal
  4. You are right. Remove the front indicators and with a 10mm ratchet spanner you can undo the bolt. Make sure you get the right one as their are two close to each other. Its a 10 min job
  5. www.reaperengineering.com no videos.
  6. I did mine using Reaper mufflers from qld. not to loud and good quality gear.
  7. Also look at protec pump. Brushless screw type can do 127gph @70psi with only an 11amp draw.
  8. Its not easy but i used a pipe wrench to get it off. You will need to bleed oil out first and put a drip tray as oil will come out. Took me around 30min and i had never done it before.
  9. The buzzing noise on my car was the atessa pump running. the relay will click on to turn on the pump. If you start the car lay under the back of it and listen to the pump. if it turns on and runs every 30-40 sec then the canister needs changing.
  10. I had the same issue on my GTR. Change the Nitrogen canister on the atessa pump and bleed the system ( you can search for a how to ) Just jap sell the part. https://justjap.com/manufacturers/332/genuine-nissan-attesa-nitrogen-accumulator-canister-nissan-skyline-r32-r33-r34-stagea-c34-4wd.html
  11. Hi, I should have been a little clearer, I am able to get the 3 turbos i mentioned at a good price so i had not considered the 8474. so if i could only have the options of the 8374, 9174 or the 9180 would you say the 8374 would still be the best and how much in on boost response would i loose going to the larger 91 size turbos. Cheers, Neal
  12. Hi all Currently building a nitto 2.8 with cnc head tomei pro 270 10.25 cams for my 33 gtr. Was going to run a 8374 for a responsive street car but have decided to change the box to a 34 item for strength. With changing the box im going to retain the 4:1 ratio and was looking to change the turbo to either a 9174 or 9180 and retain the response but gain a few more hp up top. What are your thoughts and has anyone run a combo above and can tell me what it's like to drive. I'm not looking for power numbers as I just want a responsive car that is fast. What sort of full boost rpm will i be looking at. Cheers Neal
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