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  1. Thank you all. I have considered your advice and also from a car workshop. I have gone with Autowatch + GPS tracking. And i have also installed a dashcam. @l0ckym - As i staying in an apartment unit with a shared garage, I am unable to enjoy the same kind of physical items. BUT, i have gotten myself a steering lock. Thankssss guys!
  2. Thank you all! Just an update and maybe someone could explain to me why so: SO, i tried stalling the car the same way i did before. Again, the car could not be ignited. But this time round, i tapped the throttle whilst cranking the car and it worked. My guess is that there isn't enough fuel injected when the car was climbing the slope of the carpark - causing it difficulty to start the engine (?).
  3. HAHA thank you. Didn't really understand what went wrong. Thought might get some answers from here!
  4. It was pretty full tho. And i was back on even ground when i tried cranking it.
  5. Hey! thank you! I was able to start the engine normal prior to stalling. But after the stall, the car cannot be ignited but cranks (both at 1st gear and neutral). After a while, the car was able to ignite at second gear. Today, the car starts up normally and even though i stalled it on purpose, the car is working normally. Is it something that happens normally? What exactly is the issue?
  6. Dear all, So... I just faced an issue with my BNR32. I was leaving the carpark (cold start), but i stalled (don't ask why), so the car rolled back down. THEN, i put it to neutral, and tried starting the car. BUT the car did not start. It was a "crank but no start" situation. I tried a couple of times, but just will not start. I googled, and came across an article about fuel pump, fuel injectors issue, etc. THEN, i just tried my luck by cranking the car at 2nd Gear. Miraculously, the engine ignited. NOW, my question is WHY it happened? and WHAT to fix?
  7. Hey y'all! I tried searching up the best security systems for my GTR R32 and had been given quotes on Mongoose and Viper. There had been mixed reviews but i realised there are sorta outdated forum responses. I am seeking advice as to which security alarm system is better and perhaps, dropping down anyone best for the job to install. Thank you!
  8. Hey! Thank you all for the replies! I really got a lot to learn haha!
  9. Hey y'all, kinda new here. was wondering if they are any active Skyline GTR clubs in Melbourne? Cheers!
  10. Hey! UPDATE! My apologies for being such an amateur. I have been asking around. My car is currently still at the workshop and have yet been rego-ed. Apparently, the key that i have got is the original 'sub-key' and the workshop has my main key. Interestingly, the main and sub have different profiles and yet they are able to ignite or unlock the car. So I picked up the main key today and got it cut out on the GTR key. Problem solved & learnt something new today! Thank you!
  11. Hey guys, I am a coming owner of a BNR32 03/1994 in Melbourne. I have currently 2 Nissan keys. I was told by the dealer that the GTR key is an option then, where it is either a GTR key with 1 Nissan key, or 2 Nissan keys. I am doubtful about that information, but he ordered a brand-new uncut OEM KEY00-00185 for me. However, I brought the key in to two locksmith and was told that it was impossible to make the key due to different 'threads'. Can anyone advise me?
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