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  1. Cheers ill get that dog out asap, soooo does anyone know if itll fit in a silvia? Im hoping that i only need a new drive shaft and engine mounts. I dont see why it wouldnt fit? Should be the exact same right??
  2. So i brought a rwd sr20de nissan serena to thrash butt uh it seems to be a heavy slow heap of crap with a massive wheelbase and refuses to do sick skids. Ive owned a few silvias and im underwhelmed by the serena to say the least. Ive almost flipped the car on its side everytime i try do a skid and me and the boys are not impressed so my question is, will the motor and gbox fit into a silvia? Im hoping all i need is new engine mounts. I know the fwd sr20s have different blocks and the dizzy is in a cu*t of a place so they cant be used in a silvia, has anyone put the serena motor and gbox in a silvia? My other option is getting the grinder out and cutting of the back so its lighter but i feel like because it has such a big wheelbase compared to a silvia it still wont do sick skids pls help
  3. Hey boys I have a beautiful 20e auto and today my spark plug decided to leave me along with my girlfriend. I've tryed searching online but I can't find anyone who's had the same issue. While I was driving my spark plug launched itself outta my car it broke off the part my spark plug screws into if that makes any sense... i added a picture so you can see what I mean.. I have no idea how to fix this and any info would be much appreciated. Make my day better boys tell me it's all gunna be okay
  4. Okay so I brought a r33 auto Rb25de+t and it drives okay but if I take it to 5500 revs it misses then dies. It sounds like it's not getting enough fuel? Ive checked my fuel pump and it's a Rb25det pump and Got new coils but the miss is still there. I've got a spare pink afm I wanna put on but I'm not sure if all pink air flow meters are the same? It's off a 20e so I'm not sure it would work. I'm gunna buy new injectors next and see if that helps. Anyone had the same issue and fixed it? S2 rb25de plus t auto
  5. Sooooo my sick 20e auto blew up and I wanted to put a rb25de I have in it, my question is will the auto rb20e gearbox last? Has anyone done this? Any info would be much appreciated as I'm putting in the engine soon and don't wanna waste my time. Gearbox has done over 300,000ks and is clunky..... Am I better off buying another gearbox or can I get away with using the 20e auto box for awhile? chur chur
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