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  1. Drivers side rear seat belt and buckle? Could you post to Sydney?
  2. Awesome build mate, just read through it all. Great to see it being done with the goodies and a whole lot of patience!
  3. Hey guys, i want to buy a r32 rear bar, in as good as condition as possible. many thanks.
  4. Hey guys, i've been searching and searching. i'm after a brand new rear bar? is this possible? any leads would greatly help. Everyone does a gtr front bar, n1 front bar jside skirts, pods so on but i cant find anyone that does a standard rear bar... thanks.
  5. Hey guys, anyone have a decent contact for wrapping a r32 gtst in Sydney? I'm getting body work sorted at the moment so it's going to be as straight as possible. Any leads would me big time . Thanks!
  6. oh wow i didn't realise you did it yourself. I'm far too impatient to attempt it. I'm searching around Sydney to find someone that can do it at a reasonable price, i've got a mate doing the rust and the small niggly dents. i'm trying to source a new front and rear bar to eliminate some of the tedious old shopping trolley dents and marks in it. Come out to Australia and you can wrap it for me!
  7. i wasn't having a shot mate, i think it looks amazing, just wanted to see how anal i had to be with the body, i've never had anything wrapped before. The red looks amazing, i think the wheel set it off too. well done.
  8. wow... looks amazing in red mate, well done. How was the body in general before the wrap? i have a few dings nothing major and im wondering if its going to stand out big tim under the wrap. only asking because i noticed a few small ones on your bonnet! (hood)
  9. thanks mate, i've got some bits from Kudos, ill check out the others! thank you
  10. Hey guys, been lurking for a while, i recently picked up an r32 gtst. It's got a front mount and an RB25 Neo turbo, yellow jacket coils and an exhaust. The guy i bought it off didnt know much of it's history so still trying to work out what else has been done to it. Ohh and it's got horrible paint work and standard rust around the rear windscreen. Where do i chase up bits and pieces for one of these old girls? i'm looking to find front and rear bumper bars. tail lights and the like, i've managed to track down the inner and out door moulds and i've bought a set of brand new dash vents too. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks guys.
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