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  1. Sorry to revive an old thread mate, wanted to know if there is a way to achieve this with some kind of dc converter? I got one of these racks with the solenoid in it but my r33 didn't have the solenoid type rack or wiring for it to begin with.
  2. thanks GTSBoy, I really just wanted to have a backup ecu. I bought this gts4 manual one from ebay, turns out it is no good. I see no signs of nistune in it at all. It can be nistuned but I'm not ready for that yet, I just want to ensure I have a backup ecu, and if I do get the nistune chip the ecu should at least be working, in this case it isn't.
  3. i don't have the number for the ECU I am currently using, got it like that. I don't mind if that one is auto or manual it is working fine, the second ecu I got is gts4 but as my backup ecu, it is not working.
  4. sorry to revive an old thread if that is a bad thing here, but would you know if this gts4 manual ecu can work on the rwd rb20det man ual setup? would pin 56 still be needed?
  5. will installing a gts4 manual RB20det ECU to rwd gearbox and rb20det auto engine loom cause any issues? any known sensors needed different from rwd rb20dets? currently I have an ecu (likely auto) with an auto engine loom (if they are different from manual looms), but its wired to a rwd rb20det and gearbox and starts perfectly fine. I got a gts4 manual rb20det ecu but it doesn't start the engine, if I get a lucky start I have to hold the gas pedal but once I let go it will not start again at all. Would I have to change the cas timing? tps readjusting? idle air screw readjust?
  6. unless earth doesn't mean ground anymore, I am fully aware of what happens when + meets - I do have an idea how the ac should work I currently can't get it to work and just need some advice. At this point I am unsure I will find that advice here. Thanks for trying to help all the same mate.
  7. oh ok, well in that case the wiring for the both are fine for me, would you happen to know if the ac control unit has a ac switching signal that you can see a change with a volt meter or test light when ac button is pressed on and off? Also if I put a ground to pin 46 shouldn't pin 9 send out a ground to the compressor?
  8. can you explain run side by side? which wire goes into which? o2 sensor has 3 wires (power, signal and ground) the ps switch has 2 (one side grounded and the other continues the ground when switch is closed)
  9. can anyone confirms if this works for rb20det?
  10. well HVAC unit showing code 20 currently which means all sensors ok, ac wires hooked up how they should be through the ecu and nada ac works. still the grey wire for "pin 36" is the only one left out. Also the engine doesn't seem to idle up when power steering pressure is present (locking the steering wheel all the way this switch is hooked up to send signal to pin 19 so no issues with wiring switch is also working) nor when pin 46 is grounded, 12v is present in pin 46. I've read somewhere that a bad o2 sensor can cause idle to not respond unless you plug it out or replace it, any advice would be good, I am hoping that is the reason why ecu won't idle up when ground signal sent to pin 46.
  11. ok will check for power from pin 46 and test, pressure appears good and refrigerant is in the system, I don't think the compressor relay would turn on the compressor when given the ground signal from inside cabin if the pressure switch wasn't working, the ac wiring from the hvac unit are intact, only wires chopped were the ones that went to ecu from body loom connector to ecu. apart from the pressure switch can you suggest what else needs to be working? the only sensor not working at the moment is the outside air temperature sensor according to the hvac self diagnosis.
  12. the thing is, I have probed every single wire from the HVAC unit whilst turning ac on and off, and I see no change in any single wire from volts to ground. The ac button lights up and light goes away when it is being switched and it shows "ac on" on the display and goes away when it should be off. Will try that test on the ecu however.
  13. Hmmm... well then this means something is bad, either the ecu is bad or the HVAC unit is bad, any way to test this without a spare ecu or hvac unit? Do you know if it's possible to bypass the ecu and make the hvac unit trigger the compressor directly (of course if there is a way and it doesn't work it would indicate a faulty hvac unit)?
  14. yes it is pin 9. Should go to ac compressor relay. The only pin I have missing from the equation is the GY from r33 HVAC unit that should go to pin "36", problem I have is, I don't know what pin 36 should be, I've never seen it in an R33 before, If only someone had a series 2 with loom intact that could take a pic of the GY wire and where it goes to on ecu. My only assumption is that it could be looking for engine temp sensor based on the rb26?
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