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  1. Hi, did you still have the turbo?
  2. Sweet, message me I sent you a message but i don't know if i did it right.
  3. Not to fussed about when, but sooner rather than later
  4. Wanted: R32 GTS-T hicas system I need the front solenoid, cut off valve, and all the hydraulic lines. Will need to be posted to Tasmania Price: ?
  5. It'll be a while before the barra swap happens. But you're right that would be cool. For now I'd settle for knowing how to use SAU properly. Once i figure that out then I'll think about managing a thread haha
  6. There is something else i think would be totally awesome. There's a company called Zero-EV that have an r32 gtst with a full electric conversion. They modified a tesla model-X engine (custom control module) and gearbox (quafe LSD). I think it makes about 660 hp (or kw?) At the wheels And that would be totally awesome. They have videos on youtube of the build, the engineering, and then one of it doing a burnout
  7. Thanks heaps for the reply. But I've been offered an engine by someone else that I've decided to buy
  8. Hi I'm a new to skylines can you guys help me with info on differentials So i have an r32 gtst, the diff uses 5x1 bolt drive shafts but i don't have the shafts for it (did these come out on the r32 or has it been swapped in?) But I've also got a diff with driveshafts in an r33 cradle that uses 3x2 bolt driveshafts that i could use instead (does that mean it's from a gts? I think the r33 gtst used 5x1) But yeah so what diffs came out in skylines (32, 33, and 34) are they all r200 diffs. Which models came out with lsd's, and what kind lsd's did they come out with? And what's the deal with abs and non-abs versions? I know there are 3x2, 5x1, and 6x1 pattern diffs/driveshaft. I've heard that 5x1 are stronger than 3x2 but how much power can all of them take? Are they all the same lengths and spline? Is the info for silvia diff + shafts the same? Thanks heaps any help you can give
  9. Hi guys, I'm trying to find an engine for my R32 skyline gtst I'm after a stock(ish) RB20det silvertop for around $1000.
  10. Hi Im Matt i bought an R32 gtst a while back, I'm looking for parts to get it running Eventually i plan to do a barra swap
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