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  1. I have what looks like a factory reverse camera in my gt350 2003 but dont know if you have to press any buttons to get it working as its all in Japanese. Anyone got any tips ?
  2. Has anyone found and fitted a pu front spoiler for a gt350? mine is a 2003 and i can only find fiberglass front lip/ spoilers in Australia. Wanting to get one but the infiniti ones from the states have the different shaped beside the air intake holes in the bar apparently. Can anyone confirm the rest of the bar off a infiniti is the same ? i will be prepared to cut off the bit which goes into the intake holes.
  3. Yeah they look the same I read that the two large air intake cut outs may be different in shape but would like to confirm if anyone has fitted a infinity lip to a gt350 before I buy off ebay
  4. Hey fellas will this fit my 2003 gt350? Or any one know where you can get a pu one for a gt350 that will fit ?
  5. Will get some photos but there is a line of 5 leds in the front lights on my car and the low beam high beam circles .mine are silver like these but no angel eyes around low beam or high beam
  6. I have 2 led lights not working in left side headlight and 3 in the right side anyone ever replaced these ? Auto electric guys said buy new headlights 😕
  7. Same gearbox as a nissan path finder they been putting penrite tranny fluid in them for years no problem from sunstate diff and gearbox company been running for 30 years very smart guys
  8. Car fixed from 3hrs diagnoses auto electrician earth wire on ecu main computer so if your gearbox is changing hard through gears or jumping into its changes also throwing heaps of codes it could be this. Motor was pinging detonating rattling and misfiring at idle . Now no problems revs clean changes gears no trouble codes. I was nearly about to buy a gearbox for this car .accelerate auto electrics sunshine coast can diagnose even the hardest of problems with skylines!
  9. I would have thought with air filter and exhaust it would not really throw out gearbox problems with erratic changes and severe shifting second gear but is this something others have had dramas with ? Giy at automatic shop did have scanner attached threw up speed sensor he said . When scanned the 4 days before had lc solenoid maybe had speed sensor as well. He said it is weird throwing all of these codes and before he drops the pan on the box wanted me to take to the auto leckies
  10. I have a rattle i put mine down to engine pinging detonation so has a auto mechanic only low revs
  11. There was a supercharger kit for sale $3000 in brisvegas i think i was like ok got to get one down the track ! Car is at auto leckies atm so waiting for hopefully good news as why the gearbox is changing in second hard and erratic and engine pinging. !
  12. Hopefully get it running right is pinging and throwing codes and gearbox is doing crazy things ! Down the track a vortech superchager want 350kw !
  13. Hey fellas new owner here and really need some opinions on what auto electric guys and gearbox mechanics automatic should be looking for to fix this car i just bought any help appreciated. 1-test drive car and it changes gears into second really hard and erratic on change down scanned car cam up 1772 lc solenoid also maf code 2-Car is pinging on acceleration sometimes mainly second gear and at idle popping through exhaust. Seems to drive smooth though did have like a spark breakdown at high revs on test drive So drove home from brisbane the lights on dash in background flickered once the slip is displaying on dash and vdc after pressing holding button it does not turn on or off Took it to automatic place he drove car with scanner connected and it popped up speed sensor maybe in auto box or he said something with the abs speed sensor. He said he wanted auto electric guys to check it out as its coming up all these codes. I am taking the car to the auto electric guys tomorrow and asking anyone here to help me with suggestions on how the auto electric guys should start diagnosis. I used to race quarter mile and built a few race cars carby but have no idea on these skylines but love the shape and setup so hoping someone can give me help before i start blowing money on trying to fix it. I know heaps of problems but any suggestions on where to start or simaliar problems others have had cheers ! Car has 2.5 inch staunless exhaust big canons on rear and a round mushroom style pod filter other than that i cant see any other mods
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