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  1. I guess that's why I picked it up so cheap... If I were to use this in the future, would I see some horrible boost creep/ damage to the engine and turbo? It would only be used with a low boost applocation 7-9 psi.
  2. Thanks for sharing your knowledge mate. I will be upgrading at some point so I'll probably blank it for the mean time. It's good to know that it will work for my future plans though, you've put my concerns away to sleep. Many thanks Kiwi.
  3. Thanks for getting back to me Kiwi, i was hoping to put one on but if it's going to cause major issues I will buy myself another manifold or make up a blanking plate. i haven't got a pic of the outlet, but I ground down about an inch/inch and a half. Tried to flow it in the direction of the v-band.
  4. Hello all, Im new to the forum and looking for some advise from the experts. I recently got my hands on a standard exhaust manifold with a 38mm v-band welded off to one side, it only cost me £25!! I've had to fit this manifold because the one that was on there had some nasty cracks, when I removed it and tapped it on the floor it split in two!! I have a feeling that the position of the v-band is going to cause some issues, to try and remedy this I ground out the centre partition between the two sides of the manifold. Im hoping this will help the wastegate vent all 6 cylinders. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? I don't want to do any damage to my engine!!
  5. Your not odd mate, just nice and friendly. I'm grateful for that Good to know you've got quite a bit of experience with these problematic beauties. I do my best to solve any issues but sometimes you need someone with knowledge to point youin the right direction. Thanks PranK, she's one of a kind, need to take off all the boy racer stickers though!!
  6. She's got a mean look about her mate!! Looks like she would gobble up anything that got in her way haha.
  7. Thanks mate, she's still quite rough but im not a fan of perfection. I bought her with the paint job, it's quite hard to see in the photo's but there's red metal flake mixed in. I'm not looking forward to colour matching in the future!! What do you drive then Steve?
  8. Thanks for the replies lads. PranK she does turn heads but not as much as you would think, the car scene is dominated by new hot hatches with their DSG gearbox's, fart box exhausts and fancy air ride suspension. But ofcourse the true petrol heads appreciate a real motor, that will never change. I've got a whole lot more rant left in me Steve, if you can put up with it I'm sure we will get on like a house on fire!
  9. Hi all, I'm fairly new to the world of real cars. Previously drove an e36 and a starlet. But now i've managed to get my hands on the dream car, or the beloved boat... I did make the mistake of buying a missile, but I hope to bring her back to some form of glory.This forum is where I get most of my info so firstly i would like to say thanks for all of your help so far. The specs aren't anything special and i don't aspire for a major power, just an enjoyable driving experience. Mods:Fmic, blitz air filter, blitz dual sbc, hicas delete, nismo shocks and springs, front and rear strut brace, ebc drilled and grooved disks, red stuff pads. The list of parts I've replaced goes on, but I wouldn't count them as mods. I am still trying to get her to boost propperly, had a huge flat spot that got worse and worse... Power was there at low RPM, then around 4k to 5.5k the revs would not climb with anything over quarter throttle. Once we got into the high RPM she would turn into a rocket. I found that my exhaust manifold was terribly cracked so I've replaced it, just waiting for payday then I can see if the problem has gone. Might have been R&R or something I can't diagnose due to zero experience. If you've got this far thanks for reading my rant!
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