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  1. Oh ok i will have a look through it. Thank you for your help steve. Fingers crossed inhave music again soon lol
  2. Hi im new here am looking to try and get my radio upgraded. Trying to see what i can get installed. Would prefer to keep it all nissan and see if i can get an updated v35 head unit installed with advanced features but may be thinking too outside of the box. Any help would be great but been getting great feedback and support on my other conversation.
  3. Yes it does but its better than what i have now which is nothing lol. Do you know if i am able to get a headunit which has bluetooth installed? Im sorry im at a loss with this one. I just love my nissan though.
  4. Thank you so much for your reply! It definitely does help because now i know what to do. New head unit it is ☺️
  5. Hi im new here. I just purchased a 2002 v35 and i cant seem to get a radio signal higher than 90.0fm? Not sure how to fix this. Thanks im located in Brisbane
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