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  1. Hi all, I'm looking to buy nismo wheels lmgt4s for my r34 GTR V spec. What size rim and tyres would be best without rubbing guards etc. If been told anything over stock size will rub is this true? Thank you
  2. Hi all, might be a silly question but how do you remove the pine guards/side skirts marked in the picture? Iv removed all screws etc but can't get them off! Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi all, I'm wanting to change the weather strip around the the windows marked in the picture. Any tips on how to do that? Might be a stupid question but yeah any advice would be great! Ilooked on Nengun to get parts. who would I go to to replace these? Kind regards, Andre.
  4. Hi all, Just noticed I have a slight oil leak coming from the the black rubber connector. I haven't tried tightening the clip around which ill do tomorrow and could be as simple as that but is there a reason why oil is getting through there? Could it be turbo seals etc? Thank you in advance Kind regards, Andre
  5. Hi all just wondering if anyone knows where can I find the number plate bracket in the photo attached. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey guys, Just curious what these parts are called and where can i find them. In the first picture there is a little splash plate/mudguard sorta thing thats missing on one side behind the wheel. Second whats that rubber that goes around the window? Is it a weather strip? Thank you in advance
  7. Thanks man appreciate it thanks for your help.
  8. Thanks for the swift reply! Just bought a v spec just unsure about the bonnet and fenders because they aren't metel like the rest of the car! So that explaims that. Is there any where I can purchase the bonnet adjuster online? Don't have any on mine looks kinda ugly haha.
  9. Hi, what is the material the bonnet and front fenders made of on a stock r34 gtr v spec? And what are the holes at the front of the car under the bonnet at the front? Ill attach a picture of what I'm referring to. I don't have the plugs that are in the picture so just wanted to know thank you. Kind regards Andre
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