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  1. Also tested the 1 and 120 degree on the cas and I am getting 5.6v
  2. Cas is tested and is working. Coil amp is tested and working. Injector dropping resistor tested and working. No spark from plugs and no injections clicking when cas is removed and turned anti clockwise. I've tested the power at the cas and I am getting 12v on turning the key on but once the fuel pump stops priming it drops to 8.7v and then when turning the engine over sm only getting 10.5v but after a few seconds it stops to 6.7v until I stop turning engine over. ECU pin 58 is 12v pin 59 is 12v pin 49 12v. On turning the key but once pump stops priming pin 58 stays at 12v pin 59 and pin 49 drop to 6.7v And when turning the engine over all 3 pin drop to 10.5v but after a few seconds of turning the engine over pins 59 and 49 drop to 5.4v and stay like that until I stop turning engine over and they go back to 8.7v. All loom earth points are good as have given then a good clean up to give a good contact to engine. What could be the problem.
  3. What sort of voltage should I see at the cas when the engine is not turning over and when its turning over same thing for injectors and the injector dropping resistor.
  4. Its a s1 Stagea rs4 auto. Rb25 and auto box removed. Rb25/auto Engine to ECU loom removed and replaced with a 260rs engine to ECU loom fitted. Coil amp tested and works fine and a second amp used as off a running 32gtr. 33gtr cas swapped for a 32gtr and a 33gtst. Injectors dropped resistor swapped off a working 32gtr. Gtr ECU I got with engine had also been swapped for a 33gtr ECU. Everything I can thing of had been swap force good working item but the engine will still not start/run the engine will turn over. Any help on this.
  5. Taffozone

    Coil amp

    Not getting any spark or fuel I've been through ever plug. Fuel pump is primeing the fuel rail so fuel is getting to the engine but not into the engine so the CAS has been tested and a spear I have knowing that works still nothing. Tested the igniter that's fine. Tested the injector dropping resistor that's fine as well so now thinking that it could be the ECU that's f**ked.
  6. Taffozone

    Coil amp

    I've done a search but cant seem to fine any thing about the coil amp. How do I test the coil amp as I dont seem to be getting any spark. If the coil amp is dead how do I convert to a non coil amp loom like the std stagea rb25 in the 2nd pic.
  7. No it was from the stagea ECU pin out diagrams I got and the resistor is located on the side of the chassis leg nxt to the radiator on the drivers side Stagea std boost control solenoid is in the same place as a 33gtst but from what I can see by looking st 260rs pic via Google the boost solenoid is inbetween the brake master cylinder and the inner wing where the throttle cable goes through the bulkhead. Not bothered about boost control at the moment as I'll b just using waste gate pressure.
  8. Dont have to worry about AC as I've removed it as the pump was not working and there was no gas in the system. ECU is not plug into the gtr/stagea loom I made up. 260rs loom is on the floor and engine bay loom is hanging out the front.
  9. I have figured out what these 2 are. Pink wire is the line pressure solenoid valve (dropping resistor) And the blue with red trace and silver dot is the aac valve. So the question now is what is the line pressure solenoid control valve. Is it to do with the auto box of is it ti do with the 4wd pump that's on top of the rear diff for the centre diff.
  10. I had the same problem looking through the stagea manual you sent. Pulling the engine bay loom out is not of the question for me.
  11. Engine bay loom is still in the stagea What is pin 17 on auto trans in 32. The only wires that are the same colour on both plugs are the big yellow wire big white wire and the big black with white trace wire. If the 4 small wires wear the same colours ied just swap them around in the plug but no stagea std engine bay loom got to be different to stagea 260rs engine to ECU loom
  12. Not the big wires there fine I know what they are its the 2 small wires the pink wire and the blue with red trace with 1 silver dot. There yhs 2 wires I need to know
  13. Becos that ECU and gtr loom came from the same car and the 260rs loom is the very same. All the wires colours goin to the ECU plug in both loom are the same. But like I say in my last post if I can find out what the 2 untapped wires are in the 3rd pic I could work out what the are in the ecu.
  14. If I could figure out what the 2 untapped wire are In the 3rd pick that are in the stagea engine bay loom i could prob figuer out what pin thay go to on the ECU. There are only a hand full of s1 or s2 stageas that have had a rb26 swap here in the uk but they are not using a std gtr ECU as they are using aftermarket ECUs.
  15. 1st pic is the white plug with the 4 wires labelled to where they go according to ECU pin out diagrams. 2nd pic is of the wires in pins 35 36 and 37. The 2 wires taped together are the front AFM in pins 36 and 37 the single wire is in pin 35 but evu pin out diagrams say that the afm but as you can see it is not. 3rd pin is the 2 plugs on the stagea engine bay loom. The black plug in at the bk is all auto wires but the 2 wires in the white plug that are not got tape on are the ones I don't no where they end up on the stagea. 4th pic is as you can see the ECU
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