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  1. I’m not really to fussed on the price as I know a decent work costs a decent price I’ll give the performance shops a call and see how they go
  2. My local Mechanic has no intentions of touching the car has he doesn’t have the room, time or man power, I have all the parts that are required, I’m trying to find a mechanic that has done this before and knows what they are doing
  3. I have approached the two local mechanics that had good reviews and they said no due to it being a lot of work and it will impact other jobs
  4. Hey I’m looking at having a manual conversion done in my 1999 Nissan Skyline GTV sedan, I have all the parts required I’m just having a difficult time finding someone that would be willing to take on the job and was wondering if anyone could recommend anybody, preferably in the Newcastle Region but am willing to travel within NSW
  5. The orange ones go to the low beams and the black ones go to these female connectors but I don’t have the male ones
  6. I have tried putting the headlights in today bout couldn’t get the low beams to light up, everything else worked no problems at all but I can’t get low beams on, can anyone give me some advice?
  7. I have removed the engine cover from my engine but I still have pipes and hoses over the top of my engine and I was wondering what is required to relocate them so the top of the engine is visible like In GTR’s
  8. I have purchased headlights with genuine OEM parts just wasn’t sure if they would fit straight in or not, thanks I’ll have a look when they arrive
  9. Hey I am looking to swap out my factory none xenon headlights for xenon one's but I am not sure if the casing will fit straight in to the car or is there other modifications that I need to make first
  10. Wanted to buy a set of R34 GTT Xenon headlights
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