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  1. I did research before posting Drove down the street and saw white smoke. Pulled over, checked spark plug wires to make sure they were seated properly and pulled one at a time to hear the idle change. Oil looks fine, put royal purple in around 400 miles ago. Antifreeze looks good. So when I start it white smokes bad. I’m not sure if it is a head gasket or turbo seal issue. Checked compression on a cold engine and got 125 on all 6. Previous owner said it has tomei head gasket. I’m leaning towards turbo, any help would be appreciated i attached one video of the exhaust and the other is the engine. One person said motor is bad, but want to verify it. 87789930-E26D-4181-A61D-52A9EE78F604.MOV 6EB5AE1E-FCD2-4D5E-B0B8-1C34AA62F973.MP4 418EFDC1-4153-47CD-A285-3287284BFEFE.MOV
  2. There's a picture for ya guys.
  3. Hey guys. I've owned my r32 gtr for a couple months. thought i would join this website since i have a bunch of questions. I'm from dallas, TX
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