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  1. Exactly mate. A lotta people focus on laptimes and tend to go beyond their limits - that's how drama actually happen. And yes it can become a financial disaster - you pay for the trailer, the track closure time, the security rail you've hit, the security rails supports that go into the ground if you hit them, damage done to the track (spills cleanup, etc), ... four digits on the bill in most cases. And all of that doesn't include damage done to your own car, other people's cars, yourself (physical & mental damage), others, etc...
  2. Thanks a lot mate - answer sent Sorry for not posting some thrilling laps, I know experienced drivers will say I'm slow, and that's totally true haha I just prefer to progress at my own pace, think about safety first and most important thing at the Ring, stay humble & keep my feet on the ground
  3. DTM day at the Ring yesterday No videos but some quick pictures. That was a really cool day, we arrived just at the beginning of DTM championship race. Audi won it by far, then we assisted to a classics race with a lot of E30 BMW M3s that I enjoyed a lot, being also a BMW enthusiast
  4. Thanks for this detailed answer mate. You seem to be well informed about upgrading a Skyline so I've got a few questions for you, if you don't mind. - My goal would be to reach 400 bhp. I believe this is a nice figure to have something effective on the Nürburgring without having an overkill machine. Also trying not to exceed 1.2 bar to avoid replacing head gasket... Which turbo would you recommend to reach this figure ? - I wish to stick with Unleaded 98. I believe 700cc injectors will suit that setup without any problem (isn't that too much for only 400 bhp) ? - the biggest interrogation mark is : when will the cat become a blocking point ? Of course it struggles to warm up as I said before, so as you pointed out that means there might be a little margin there, but I hardly believe the car can be tuned up to 350/400 bhp with an OEM cat on... even with a fine mapping. I would like to keep the cat as it makes the car 100% road legal... I'm insured for Nürburgring Touristenfahrten and would like to avoid removing the cat for that reason - that would be sufficient for the insurance to discard themselves should a drama happen. Also you are right on that too - good tires and coilovers just changed the car. Switched from cheap Nexen tires + HSD coilovers to NS-2R semi slicks + TEIN flex coilovers... Was a great investment, just need to be careful if I drive the Skyline under the rain lol For all these upcoming upgrade, I'll be able to install parts myself (except the tuning/mapping part) as I've already done most of these things in the past, on other cars.
  5. Hello everyone, here's a new pic taken at the Ring - we finally did it and reached our goal to run the Skyline before the end of the season Now I've noted a bunch of things I'd like to upgrade on the car : - brakes as they tend to shake when getting hot - and get a proper mapping on it, that will involve getting an uprated fuel pump, switching to MAP, uprated injectors and an AEM V2 Some work to be planned at the end of the season I guess
  6. Hey mate, thanks for your feedback ! Indeed, I need to find a better way to put the camera. I don't have a lot of accessories so if I want the driving to be seen on the video I have to place it there despite the mirror... Otherwise I have the windshield view, but it's way less interesting. I'm also considering the helmet view but not sure it will be pleasant to watch (too much moves). Will try it next time ! You are also right concerning the rev range. To be honest I try not to push too hard on revs because the Skyline's still running stock ECU. I don't know if that adds any safety or not because the car still runs OK, wastegate is calibrated to open @0.5 bar and AFR is good, but I believe it might be preferable not to push too hard before I get it properly mapped. Hahaha well I'll suggest that to him next time, thanks for your input mate xD
  7. All right so I went to the Ring yesterday, and despite the weather that was not that good in the middle of the afternoon, it got better when the track opened, and I could perform a lap. Way better than the previous one, I've fixed that hand position problem so I'm quite happy ! VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50bsTBHCFvE Now I noticed something else I need to work on - sometimes I really do useless gear shifts, and I need to stop this. There's a lot of sections in which I shift to 4th gear, and I shouldn't do it but stay in 3rd gear and rev higher instead. Also too bad for that yellow flag (I believe the Megane RS was out of gas, or it encountered a mechanical issue), made me loose something like 20/25 secs, but that's part of the game lol I also start to feel some points I'd like to improve on my car - that's a good thing, cause that means I'm starting to know it better EDIT : also, sorry guys but my girlfriend's on holiday, so I took my biker bud to replace her as a passenger haha
  8. Hey Steve, thanks for this advice and for your support you are totally true concerning heel and toe. I've already tried to learn it in my previous cars but I couldn't get to it. That made me perform a really uncomfortable move with my leg, and pedals placement was obviously not designed for that. throttle pedal was wayyy further than anything I could reach having toes on the brakes. So I gave up. I recently tried again on my daily 320d and on the Skyline and it seems to be way simpler. At least, pedals placement allow me to do it on these cars. Still getting cramps after a few attempts, but I believe I just need to train my body to do it Looking at the video there's also one thing I MUST fix - hands position on steering wheel. They should be stuck on opposite sides of the wheel, and I shouldn't be passing the wheel from hand to hand... That's a beginner's mistake ! Ahah yeah that's a hell of a thing to do, jut like those dudes do with girls on straight lines, but doing laps around the Nordschleife ! Now I'm looking at the forecast every day, and it seems the weather will not be that good for these 2 upcoming events... I hope it'll still be worth going there anyway !
  9. Thanks mate, haha at first she didn't want me to upload the video 'cause she says her legs are ugly x'D I'm surprised people noticed that anyway, considering the amount of vids on YT showing cockpit view of violent supercars with almost naked ladies on passenger seat
  10. Dude that's sad to be able to come from the opposite side of the world, visit the Nürburgring and get that weather. That's no exception anyway, weather is one of the things you cannot anticipate here. I usually decide if I'm going when I wake up and have a look at the forecast... If you try to check 2 days before you can get something completely different on d-day. You can even have completely different weather at different sections of the track ! Also autobahn is OK, not great but OK - there is no speed limit on some of them, but the overall shape of the road is not that good. You don't want to go too fast anyway 'cause it's not really safe and comfortable. It's just like you're doing 150 km/h with all 4 wheels curbed and wrongly balanced. Thank you all for the interest you have for this topic. I'm happy to broadcast the Ring spirit all over the world ! Next two weekends I'll be going there as a spectator to see VLN Race on 06/09, and DTM on 15/09. These are two professional racing events (I'm sure some of you have already heard about DTM). I'll post everything I get here so you all can enjoy the thing too Nissan GT-R in VLN DTM race
  11. @GeeDog I think I know why you stayed on the video haha - if one day I'm good enough to be under 8 minutes on the Nordschleife, I'll record a vid of that
  12. Yeah that's true mate. Even jeans are really light for that - when fuel vapors ignite inside the cabin, jeans or common clothes are just burnt immediately. Of course it'll be better to have them but they won't do miracles. Best are these ugly white fireproof underwear. They are not that expensive considering the injuries they can avoid you. But I'm working on that lol, at the beginning she didn't want to wear anything. I keep taking her with me to the equipment shop everytime I need to buy something, and get her discuss with the owner - he was a kind of pro driver and knows well how risky it is, and he regularly tells us some accurate stories that help a lot convincing her thanks anyway for worrying for her health mate ! Really few regulations here on the Nürburgring. It's considered as a classic toll road, so only traffic laws apply. No need to wear any gear or so... And there are really really few people who consider wearing them. Helmet + gloves are common, but most of time dudes wear them with shorts and t-shirt (you can see it on YT videos)... Not the best combo I presume anyway I'm not bashing anyone. I can understand that not everybody can/wants to bother dropping 500/1000 € to buy equipment... It's all about how you understand the risk. And unfortunately it's the same for vehicle regulation - nobody will force you to have homologated security stuff in your car like roll cage, harness or fire extinguisher.
  13. Totally true mate, that's a place where everyone lives for sports cars, you see incredible rides at every corner, even in restaurants and so on you can feel the racing spirit that's why the Nürburgring is clearly one of my favorite places I've ever been to, and I consider myself lucky to live only 2 hours away from the track Did you take a rental car with RSR ? Thanks for your feedback mate ! To be honest, when I started going to the Ring, I was like most people - going with no gear at all. I've been doing several laps in slow cars, after that I stopped and started making pictures as an amateur to sell them afterwards on the internet and so on... Lots of hours spent on site, that allowed me to realize how dangerous it is. I mean, really. One day, I was shooting tourists at Brunchenn. Spectators were all behind the security rail + the big security grids, but I was just behind the rail and the grid (at that time, this was allowed, now you cannot access there 'cause marshalls won't let you pass). A guy showed up in an old Ford Fiesta, and lost control of his car. He hit the rail few meters from me, so I immediately dropped my camera and ran to see if he was ok. That was not a big crash like the ones you can see on YouTube, not at all. The dude was able to get out of his car, but still had his wrists completely f**ked and he was bleeding. The sound this all made when he lost control of the car then hit the rail was something I'll never forget. Same for his face afterwards, and his voice crying because of what happened. That day, I changed my mind a lot. Lots of risks every single day out there, crashes, collisions, even fire. This guy was crying because he crashed, and was probably never going to get his car repaired... But another corner could have destroyed his entire life if his body was damaged, or if he caught fire for some reason. Since that day, I decided never going back on the track without gear. I saved money to buy a suit, a fire hood and all that stuff. I also bought gear for my girlfriend. At some stage, I thought it might be overkill considering I'm far from being a pro driver (best time I did was 9 min 30 in my stock Toyota Supra). I also thought people would laugh at me and say "don't act like a pro, you're slow" or so. But when I think back about that dude, and about all those who get injured or die every year down here, then I just realize danger is everywhere, even if you're an experienced driver ! And once it happens for real... then it's too late to say "I'm gonna wear a suit that will protect myself from burning fuel vapors". If I was the only decision maker, I would force my girlfriend to wear the same gear as me, but to be honest I'm already happy I convinced her to wear a helmet lol. Maybe next season she'll accept to wear a suit hahaha (wow sorry for that long answer dude, I will not blame you if you haven't read everything !)
  14. Great way to solve the issue mate, will keep that in mind should the new hose fail 😃 Thanks !
  15. Thanks mate. I went to a shop that's specialized in automotive material, parts and tools. They gave me exactly what you said, temperature resistant fuel line and I got a full meter. I'm not sure there's really something blocking mate. When I press on it like in the video, I can feel the flow inside. I bought a new hose and when I compare it with the worn one, it appears to be way more rigid - I don't know where the old one comes from, but I'm sure it was just too soft to handle the vacuum... let's see how it'll be with the replacement one. Thanks for your answers !
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