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  1. So I've got a 2001 r34 GTR (series 2) non v-spec, I'm well aware that they come with no intake temp. sensor or exhaust temp. sensor fitted to the car. However I have read that many people have just fitted those sensors to their non v-specs and got them to work on the MFD. Here comes my problem: There is no connector to plug into the intake temp. sensor? Can anyone confirm whether they got rid of the connector on the series 2 models? I thought I just couldn't find it but while I was installing my new NISMO intercooler (which came with a new sensor) there was nowhere for it to plug in to. The connector for the EGT is just tied up out of the way and is easy to find but I could not see anything for the intake temp, even with the intercooler off. It's so hard to find information on this topic as it seems everyone has a series 1 GTR
  2. Hey mate, there's no annual fee for these plates as they aren't personalised. Although if you do want that style with a standard issue rego (like mine) you just have to pay a one off fee which is about $290 I believe
  3. Hey fellas. New to the forum, I drive a 2001 Skyline R34 GTR and have had it since late 2018. She's completely stock standard apart from a HKS front pipe, custom hi-flow cat and Tomei Ti cat-back! Here's a few pics:
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