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  1. I think us series 2 owners are out of luck I've heard the plug is only there on some series 1 cars and it was removed from the series 2 cars. I never managed to find the plug on my car
  2. Hahahaha wouldn't be from Sydney if I didn't
  3. Quick little update, I screwed up the paint on my car... 🙃 don't worry, there's a happy ending to this! So turtle wax have come out with a black polish that is ceramic infused and I decided to give it a go. However, before giving the car a quick polish I gave it a wash and went over it with a clay bar (and clay lube!) only to find it left horrendous marks on the paint after drying. What was supposed to be a day of me treating the car to a nice clean inside and out, along with a light polish to make her pop again quickly turned into my worst nightmare. I went over it with the turtle wax polish but the scratches were too deep and needed a heavier cut to get them out. I neither had the tools or the skill for the job so it was time to send it to someone who actually knows what they're doing...and here is the result! Stage 2 paint correction with ceramic coating and boy is this thing glossy!! Not a single swirl mark left behind and unbelievably smooth to the touch. Plus the added protection should make cleaning this a breeze. I'll get some more photos of it in the sun but I am so happy with the result! More news coming in the next couple of weeks 🤫🤔
  4. Found it! The part number is 96210-AA400. Here's the link from nengun: https://www.nengun.com/oem/nissan/96210-aa400
  5. My 34 was missing that bracket also. From memory I think I bought a new bracket from nengun, I'll try do some digging and see if I can find it again
  6. Hey everyone, I've always wanted to start a thread and constantly update it over the years with new mods etc, then look back at the progress and see how far it's come. So here it is! This is my 2001 Skyline R34 GTR. It was a grade 4B at the auctions and was exported on the 2nd of March 2018. I later purchased it from a local dealer here in Sydney on the 21st of December 2018 as a nice little Christmas present to myself. (Picking it up from the dealer) (Bringing her home) As you could imagine I was ecstatic about finally owning a car I have only dreamed about. Although I did pay a premium price for it, it was worth every penny to me (and that's all that really matters). Theres not much to say about it really. It is a base model and had absolutely no modifications done to it, but that will slowly change over time as you guys will see in this thread! That same weekend I bought a new Kenwood head unit and Alpine speakers to replace the factory speakers and crappy aftermarket head unit that was already in the car. At the time I didn't think of taking any photos of the install but I don't think that is too interesting anyways haha. After about two months of owning the car, it was time to find a good exhaust system so I could listen to that RB26 in all of it's glory! I found someone selling some near new HKS front pipes, high-flow cat and Tomei Expreme Ti cat-back which I jumped on straight away and got myself a bargain! Then around mid-June 2019 I got myself a brand new NISMO Intercooler off a member on this forum, installed it and colour matched the front lip to the rest of the car. Fast forward to last weekend where I replaced the factory clutch and duel-mass flywheel for a NISMO twin plate and boy does that clutch feel so good. I'm not going to be chasing 1000hp like most GTR's in Sydney, but this clutch install should be overkill for the power level I want out of it. (Pulling the clutch out at my work. Definitely not something I wanted to do on my garage floor and my boss was kind enough to let me come in on the weekend and use a hoist so I could replace it) (Stock clutch ready to be replaced) (Definitely needs a good clean up in there) (New clutch, rear main seal and spigot bearing installed) (Bell housing cleaned up nicely with new release bearing) Really impressed with how easy it is to use the NISMO twin plate. Feels just like the stock one with a bit more bite. Anyways, that's a quick catch up of what life has been like for the past year and a half of ownership. More exciting things to come! I hope you guys enjoy the journey with me. Until next time ✌️
  7. So I've got a 2001 r34 GTR (series 2) non v-spec, I'm well aware that they come with no intake temp. sensor or exhaust temp. sensor fitted to the car. However I have read that many people have just fitted those sensors to their non v-specs and got them to work on the MFD. Here comes my problem: There is no connector to plug into the intake temp. sensor? Can anyone confirm whether they got rid of the connector on the series 2 models? I thought I just couldn't find it but while I was installing my new NISMO intercooler (which came with a new sensor) there was nowhere for it to plug in to. The connector for the EGT is just tied up out of the way and is easy to find but I could not see anything for the intake temp, even with the intercooler off. It's so hard to find information on this topic as it seems everyone has a series 1 GTR
  8. Hey mate, there's no annual fee for these plates as they aren't personalised. Although if you do want that style with a standard issue rego (like mine) you just have to pay a one off fee which is about $290 I believe
  9. Hey fellas. New to the forum, I drive a 2001 Skyline R34 GTR and have had it since late 2018. She's completely stock standard apart from a HKS front pipe, custom hi-flow cat and Tomei Ti cat-back! Here's a few pics:
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