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  1. Dodgy shocks are back on seems no issue, I noticed the front springs weren’t seated on the bottom of the strut properly so I seated them where they should be now I’m trying to decide if I instal them again.. would them not being seated properly cause spring binding that would transfer though to the back shocks or is it hicas/dif related.. didn’t do it at all in reverse or neutral
  2. I have a 1999 r34 gtv with busted rear shocks, bought a second hand set pedders brand front nismo rears, front lower bushing drivers side broke before getting an alignment, got an alignment then found a second hand front nismo set, installed them, then when turning lock to lock in drive with foot on the brake the back wheels seem to shudder like something is binding.. car is rwd, put the knocking squishy stock shocks back issue gone, did I instal something wrong do I really need to loosen all control arm bushings tighten everything at resting level.. or need longer end links to lower that much or what.. I’m on a budget after spending so much bringing the car back to life and don’t want to get f**ked by a suspension place.. also front right bushing seems to make a rubber squeaking sound when pulling in a driveway on that side of the car with the nismo shocks same as the pedders that broke
  3. Probably should of joined here a few months back before owning and restoring a messed up R34 for a few months but now I know the skyline life and have come to the deep web to join all depressed skyline owners 😏 maybe gain and give some info since there really isn’t much information around on r34s
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