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  1. It depends if the pod filter was a good one!! Always good to have a bit of humour. CAI, plumbed into stock airbox or just an open intake in the engine bay? Because heat soak would really put a dampener on the performance once the car got hot. But I'm sure you know that!!
  2. Cheers Steve! I've already looked into gearing issues (failure of synchro's on 1st and 2nd as a result of hard launches) and the reliability of the ATTESA system. Have you had any major issues with your RB26 or your R33? I've looked at reliability and it only seems as though there are issues with oil starvation (hence the availability of head drain kits from numerous shops) at high RPM/ high boost. I'm not sure yet what kind of power output I should pursue, but if the RB in my example is completely knackered, a brand new long block from the Land of the Rising Sun may very well be in order with some new accessories, as my example will definitely be well over 2 decades old. Does a reliable 600hp on stock internals sound attainable?
  3. To everyone on SAU, I'll start off by immediately saying that I do not own a Skyline of any description. BUT- I've heard many good things about them and much high praise for all generations. I am a car enthusiast, I love all things RB and all things JDM. I'm looking to buy a facelift R32 GT-R soon (NOT R33 or R34!), so I thought I'd speak to the people who know the car the best and know all of its quirks and common problems, so I know to make the decision to buy or not, completely dependent on what I hear over my time on the forum. Cheers! A.
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