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  1. Alot of talk about gtst skylines is that they are very average from factory, so what exactly are they like when modified? For example with good coilovers, swaybars, diff, semi slicks etc how would they compare in performance to an Evo for example? Can they corner just as good or is AYC a major advantage they are missing? Can they corner good with softer springs? (the need to squat to put power down) With good tires what is the upper level of power you could use before you start running into traction issues in second gear etc I realise GTRs are a whole different animal but just how good can the gtst get around?
  2. I'm planning a future build and am wondering what an rb20det feels like in terms of acceleration. Im not after a pure track performance car but more something that feels fast and pushes you back into your seat even if its not practically fast. I'm guessing a big laggy turbo will help with the feeling and the fact the 20det is supposed to be gutless before boost. Also would around 230-250rwkw be easy to keep traction with stock springs, pineapples, good tires, correct camber etc (r32 coupe gtst) I know evos/wrx are probably the best at this feeling of being warp speed quick with their short gearing, awd etc but I prefer the looks and interior of the r32
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