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  1. Everyone junking them for CD or MD upgrades over the last 30 or so years is exactly what drove the price up. They're difficult to come by, and finding one that doesn't have the BAS/TRE buttons split in half is rare. When you consider how expensive some period correct cigarette lighters and shift knobs are, a working piece of original electronics at this price doesn't seem nearly as crazy.
  2. R32 GTR Cassette Radio. I plugged it in and everything seems to work fine, but the tape deck kept spitting out the one bluetooth cassette that I had. I read that it may have been an issue with the internals of the bluetooth cassette, but just assume when purchasing this that the tape deck itself isn't working. Radio, HU and dash buttons work fine. the There's a scratch on right side of the knob and a tiny chip on the M in FM/AM. Asking $950aud obo.
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