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  1. Hmm, I could write it up but I wish I took photo's of the process, would have made a much better guide. My car is in a workshop getting a turbo upgrade at the moment but I might pull it all apart and take some snaps for a write-up when I get it back.
  2. Looking for an R33 moulded subwoofer box for my R33 GTR A bunch of companies used to make them (SSV etc) but now they only come up once in a while on the second hand market. Pic attached ?
  3. Hey mate, I went with: T10 White 6000k canbus LED for the dash (You need 5) T5 White 6000k LED for the centre triple gauge cluster (You need 3)
  4. Back from the painters, added side skirt extensions as well ?
  5. Hey Dan, Love your GTR, could you tell me what model the bride seats you have in it are, they work perfectly with the 33 interior ?
  6. Thanks guys, car is at the painters at the moment, as soon as I get it back I'll post some more exterior pics. I have a couple before and after pics of an LED conversion I did though. And pic of when I got a new ECU and tune down recently. I just got a membership to SAU as well so hopefully see you guys at some meets/track days ?
  7. Hey guys, visit the site regularly enough so I thought I'd sign up and introduce myself. ?️
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