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  1. For anyone wanting to know, the (25)GT sedan wing stands are a lot lower than the coupe wing stands, so if you’re looking to mount your wing lower, they work 👌🏼
  2. Thanks for all the replies guys So I traced it back and it was spliced to the handbrake sensor..
  3. R33 S1 Auto So I’ve had this car for some time, and I’m currently restoring it, and I’ve found a wire thats been (dodgily) connected to 2 other wires in the steering column those being a green + black and green + yellow wires. Which then runs underneath my centre console. Does anyone know what this wire is connecting/connected to? Any help is greatly appreciated :))
  4. This was literally the only N/A exhaust I could find, besides the price what do you think? (They have this exhaust for a lot of models) https://www.nengun.com/kakimoto-racing/kakimoto-r
  5. Thanks for your reply keeping it quiet was the plan, it currently has no muffler and sounds aweful in the high rev range ?
  6. So, I purchased a project R33 S1 Skyline, unfortunately it came with a RB20e... (would engine swap but I’m on my P’s ) I’ve been hunting for ages trying to find an exhaust but I have had no luck.. Does anyone know if I could bolt up a rb25de (aftermarket) catback to my rb20e and all fit up? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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