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  1. You guys seem cool enough. I'm down. If you know any willing available Australian visa givers (marriage maybe?) please let m know That would actually be awesome. lol
  2. You sound like you live in the SF bay area, right? I lived in SF for 17 years, left in Jan 2018 to Japan. i was hoping that a recession would happen while I'm gone so I can have a chance to own 2bedroom 3-sorty 11' wide tandem garage townhouse with $500 HOA dues/month with a 45 mins commute. The american dream lol. Too many tech bros there now with tons of cash and not enough new development due to various reasons. This is going off on a tangent. But man, the beaches, the food, the weather, the sightseeing. It's just a special place. I can't think of a better place in the US. If you don't mind not having sunshine there's plenty of other great options. Living in Japan was the first time i've lived in my own apartment. Can't go back to a sharhouse...I'm 36 damnit. You're right, I don't even know why i'm buying a car I can never afford to park in a garage.
  3. Trust me, I've looked into this as well. Thing is, CA is where home, family, and friends are. And driving down Pacific Coast Highway is just amazing. I know CA has it's issues though, but some does everywhere. I'd have to leave that all behind and make trips back there. Plus my future work is back in California. I'd have to start over so-to-say in a different state. I was thinking about Portland or Seattle but i need the sun. It would be neat to live in Australia or Germany for a bit but I'd have to find a job to sponsor me for a visa.
  4. I talked a bit with Garage Yoshida. They said they can put the stock computer back but I'm waiting to hear back about the turbos and intake components. If they can, then I think it can work. They said "small repair on the right front," and , "no problem,." The language is hard here. But their shop is well known so I suppose I could just trust him. I'll keep you posted. https://www.goo-net.com/usedcar/spread/goo/16/700070889930190813001.html Thanks!
  5. Yes please I'm looking for a clean 1995 r33 in Japan! You guys and the Americans swooped them all up already. Give one back! I guess I could just get that garage defend r33 Vspec. The faded blue plate is odd though. But I talked to many locals here. It's hit and miss. I think the purists like the r32 but most people admit the r33 is a better car. I can't say for sure cause I've never driven either. Both look good to me in their own ways but personally I like the rawness look of the r32 but then I see all these Americans driving around in beat up r32's spray painted bbq black with purple wheels and I'm like....ok yeah I need to distance myself from that.
  6. Gotcha, thanks man. Looks like the Yoshida r33 has a swapped engine, a Nur spec one with a light tune so I don't see that being easy to get back to original, but anything is prossible right. I've heard nothing but good things for Garage Yoshida. Also, Midori Seibi is good but probably more $$$. Best-R is also good and less expensive. It's hard being in the US and navigating all this. Luckily I've got some OG Skyline guru's at work to help me out. However, they all seem on the expensive side, but they truly know the GTR. I think you should visit some shops if you make the trek out here. Midori has an english speaker but many others don't. Check out Prostock and Craftsports. They have english speakers and can help out too. They are both highly recommended around here. I'll let you know if I make the visit to Garage Yoshida and what I think. I"m also thinking hard about what you said regarding a USDM ITR, but those are like $$$ now too. A JDM ITR can be had for like $15k. There's a super clean 98 CTR for like $25k but it's like brand new. Thanks!! Evan
  7. Wow man you're like the only one who seems to get this stuff. Sounds like you have a series 1 GTR in CA. Agreed that the series 1 is the least desirable and the steering wheel...uggh. Regarding the Garage Yoshida one, what you say sounds right but there's this one clause that scares me: A vehicle is exempted if it has been 21 years or more since its original production year and it is in its original unmodified condition. Vehicles in any condition may be excluded if they were manufactured prior to the year in which EPA's regulations for the class of vehicle took effect. Vehicles at least 21 years old with replacement engines are not eligible for this exemption unless they contain equivalent or newer EPA certified engines and emission control systems. Upon entry, the importer must file an EPA Form 3520-1 with Customs and declare code “E” on the form. But maybe that doesn't apply since it's a newer engine...if they even care or would know. I will try to talk to Yoshida to find out more about that car and why the v-spec sticker is gone and who knows what the interior looks like. I'll keep on searching man. Or I may just go for a 96 Honda ITR since they come OBD2a and figure that out and they haven't gone crazy expensive like the R33's. I need a Asahi Superdry to think this over. Thanks for the info, you seem extremely knowledgeable on this stuff. It's just crazy how you need to pass the FTP-75 which doesn't say you need OBD but then to pass BAR and SMOG you need OBDII. WTF.
  8. https://www.goo-net.com/usedcar/spread/goo/16/700070889930190813001.html Man yoshida's R33 is looking really good and good price. I need to find out more about the repair history though but Garage Yoshida sells quality stuff. Do you know if passing CA FTP-75 would be a problem with a R34 engine? I don't think they care about the engine matching at all, I think it's more about the pollutants that come out of the tailpipe. So hard to find info on this stuff. Thanks!
  9. Good info here man. I actually saw that on yahoo auctions too and emailed them about it but I think they're closed. I was worried about the r34 engine and CA compliance. Ok I have a new question about this CA stuff. I did some intense reading on the long train ride here, and the CA law says the car does not need OBD if bringing it in as an individual, it just needs to pass the FTP-75. So why does Toprank tell me 1996+ won't work if OBD is not an issue. What's the difference between a 1995 and 1996 passing FTP? I know 1996's won't be federally legal until 2021 but that's not an issue to me since I don't plan to return to CA until at least 2021. I would really like to understand this better as 1996's are much easier to find and lower priced. I also love 1996 ITR's. Anyone know or understand this or there's probably no Cali love peoples here lol. Thanks!
  10. Let me know what you mean about upgrading to the r33. The locals here prefer the r32 for driver satisfaction but I know the r33 is a faster car around the track with more modern tech too. I'm curious your thoughts. I spend most nights wishing someone would find a cheap solution to California emissions requirements...
  11. That's a lot but worth it for an expensive car like what we're getting. A lot of shops are closed now so hopefully I'll hear back next week. I did get some clarification on the chassis number plate from Garage Defend. They say it is peeling from the previous owner using some cleaner or just age. That makes the car more promising but still waiting to hear about accident history.
  12. Thanks man I just sent Garage Defend some questions on that one, like what is up with that spray on the blue plate. I have had zero luck finding someone to check cars out for me but I'll keep trying. Perhaps Garage Defend will allow me to take the car to Garage Yoshida for inspection since they're not TOO far from one another. And you're right, would need to source OEM parts to pass CA emissions...$$$ Appreciate the help!
  13. Yeah that flawless one is nice but 7,000,000 yen + tax is wow ALOT. That's R34 money. The red one is just as you said, OK. It's in Ehime which is super far unfortunately, even with the high-speed shinkansen trains. Acutally google can't find a way there via train. The GTNet ones...I've been told to stay away from GTNet because of their quality. I've personally never seen one from GTNet though so perhaps shouldn't let other sway me. I would rather find one with no rust to be honest. I still think this one is probably the best of the r33's at a reasonable price for 3,600,000 yen + tax. It's also local in Kanagawa Prefecture (like 1.5hrs away from me via train). https://www.goo-net.com/usedcar/spread/goo/13/700050502330190611001.html There's also this one still from Garage Defend but when discussed in the previous post I made, there was some negative things found on it. It is a V-spec though. https://garage-defend.com/cars/inventory/nissan/335-nissan-skyline-bcnr33-gt-r-v-spec-for-sale-3439 Actually looking more at the Garage Defend car...the paint spray over the blue VIN plate is scary. That's the thing with places like Garage Defend and Top Rank, they make these cars shiny to sell and most american's don't know any better so they buy them anyway. Tough market! Sounds like nobody likes the Best R R32 though! https://www.goo-net.com/usedcar/spread/goo/13/700055104730190702001.html
  14. This one just popped up. Needs a lot of love and high mileage (193,000km's) but pretty cheap in today's market and no accidents https://www.goo-net.com/usedcar/spread/goo/13/700040351830190813001.html
  15. Yeah I'm really kicking myself in the ass for not knowing that the R34 I bought when the market was high would never be legal in CA due to CA requiring OBD2 emissions equipment. Now I'm looking for a CA legal capable car (1995 and older) and the market is already high. It's like buying stocks when the market is high... Timing is everything I guess. The exporters here just don't know about the CA compliance issues so never informed me. I should have done a better job and reached out to CA importers myself I guess. Problem is there's only one shop and one man who knows about the process for Skylines, Sean Morris at TopRank long beach (former Motorex employee).
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