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  1. The option has been on my mind.. however I don’t know how I’ll go with height restriction under the bonnet.. it’s already pretty tight in there
  2. Your both completelyright.. unfortunately in the past 4 weeks I’ve had my bike stolen and my patrol rolled so this is the last of my vehicles... i was planning on taking a few months to rebuild other bottom end while it’s out: forged rods and pistons/ new sets of bearings and all that jazz:: but I need this thing back on the road before Tuesday...
  3. Hi all. New to the site although I have read a whole lot from it in the last 6 months. have an rb25det with Garrett 35/82 and a few other upgrades in an e36 bmw. The motor was from my 33 after a drunken decision to allow someone else to drive it. im needing some guidance with this rebuild I’m currently half way through.. my cars in pieces and would love to finish it up in the next few days before I loose my mind regards
  4. Ok everyone and anyone... I need some help!! ive got a rb25de bottom end I was planning on using to replace my det after spinning a bearing and ring failure. I’ve had a fair look online and I’m getting a lot of conflicting info about this. I understand I need oil and water lines tapped into block, which is done. .from what I have read it’s not absolutely necessary to fit oil squirters- and I wasn’t planning on it. What I cannot find is a solid and answer about pistons. Do I need to replace the de pistons with the det ones. I’m using the head from det but have read a few things about valve clearances. I’m also not sure how this will effect compression if if someone knows what I need to do I’d appreciate some guidance thanks
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