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  1. So small update next weekend in preparation for a track day at Luddenham. Had issues last time out where I could only do 2 fast laps before something smoked and filled the cabin. Hasn’t happened on any other track, but I have a feeling it was the power steering fluid overflowing. Only one way to find out! have installed an oil cooler. Was pretty simple runs off the return line, little cooler attached to the back of the intercooler. Hopefully this and some synthetic fluid will fix it. Also hopefully it wasn’t something else that was causing the smoke!
  2. Other thing missing, there is no longer a warning tone if you leave your lights on and turn the car off.
  3. So this is what I’ve worked out that you need to sort if you replace the dash; battery light central locking control unit interior light (I think the door light on the dash powers the interior light when you open and close the doors. speed sensor then the wires you need to add to connect to the new dash are the indicators, hand brake, high beam
  4. Also would be interested in your voltage values for the fuel level
  5. @Murray_Calavera how did you get around the central locking control unit issue? Just realised I can’t lock my car unless the battery is disconnected as there is a central locking control unit in the cluster. When I go to lock the door the motor tries to keep the door unlocked. also for the Speedo they needed to wire the gearbox speed sensor to the factory inputs in the Haltech otherwise you won’t get any speed readouts. Turns out from factory the speed sensor goes to the dash first then the ecu....
  6. Got the IC7 in today. But still waiting on my fuel level sensor to be installed
  7. Im heading there September 26th, but i need to install my power steering cooler before then. only managed 2 fast laps before it completely overheated and spilt on the exhaust. absolute pain in the a$$
  8. But reading online, isn't there a red and white cable that is around 9V that you would just add the globe too?
  9. I would, but the dash is being installed by a local shop, only because they recently did the ecu and agreed to do the wiring for this for me. Figured it saved me the hassle!
  10. Mine arrived today. I’ll give a further update once I install it
  11. Got my 3D racing solutions cluster today for the IC7. Overall happy with the quality. Hopefully the fitment is good. The dash was delayed by 3 weeks, it it seems business for them has significantly increased during covid. I think this is cheaper than the mako dash at 275 posted, which is also recessed. I think mako charge 350 for a recessed dash. Also 3D Racing Solutions is located in Sydney
  12. Don’t sell, imagine all those people who sold their old classic muscle cars and now want them back
  13. SO far so good for me, sent them a list of modifications and photos, advised of the cost of the car and mods and got them to agree to a value. I guess i also want to know if anyone has actually made a claim and how they responded.
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