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  1. Who did the digital dash to MFD conversion carbon plate?
  2. Hey! Who did the wiring for your dash? Did you do it all yourself or did you get someone? got a dash for my car, but I’m not the best with car electrical work so trying to find a suitable person who can get this done damn just realised your in queensland! Any hints or tips would be awesome!
  3. We are going to try and keep the standard brakes for now so we are still eligible to run it in the pulsar challenge if we wanted
  4. We ended up getting the pulsar challenge AGI cage with double side intrusion bars https://www.agi-precision.com.au/product-category/roll-cages/cams-roll-cages/bolt-in/nissan-roll-cages/pulsar-n15/
  5. Ooooo so are we! But we couldn’t get any on the day and couldn’t be bothered doing other jobs so we ended up with this awesome hammer video!
  6. Only a minor update. At the track day I was overheating the pads and getting bad jutter after 3-4 laps and needed to back off and let them cool down. Have ordered some new brake parts to see if they will solve the issue got the Attkd 350mm Evo X 2 piece rotors, Ferodo DSUno pads for race days and DS2500 for the street. I decided on the DSUno/2500 combo as they have the same materials so can swap pads without the need to rebed the brakes. As people say, track pads for the track and street pads for the street! will still run the Intima type d pads on the rear.
  7. Also I don’t think I’ve seen many turbo cars do very well in the 24h lemons, there is too much heat.... cooling is the main enemy in this!
  8. Not much of an update, we have pulled the gearbox, engine and drive shafts and in the middle of changing the clutch, water pump, rms, rocker cover gasket, plugs, leads and all that stuff was the first time we pulled an engine, so a lot of fun was had!
  9. We’ve done a few 24hr of lemons events. Quick cars seem to be Integras and Pulsars. We had an old Celica for our first few races. Are now building a pulsar sss. The car, cage, seat, brakes etc are going to come to about $9,000 to build. For us the car was $800, $1700 for the cage from agi, 500 for the seat, $1000 in brake pads and rotors, $500 for a new clutch, radiator, oil cooler, brake lines, harness, isolator, water pump, wheel bearings, bushings, springs, shocks, tyres and wheels. Plus all your oils and fluids. I’m doing a build thread here just remember the car is the cheapest part!
  10. It’s so good to be out again. Trackschool open pit days are selling out in less than 48 hours I think we were the first people on there since March!
  11. Well Wakefield finally reopened and I managed to get to a track day there on the 20th! Was good to be out and about and able to give the car a good run. quickly ordered some 265/35 18 V70A semi slick tyres and mounted them to the Kyoto rims. And managed to test all the changes to the car. I was not going for outright speed as the car had so much changed so I wanted to get an understanding of what the car was like. overall was really really good. The handling was neutral, I didn’t get any understeer and just a tad of oversteer in slow corners if I wasn’t smooth on the throttle. Overall I’m super happy and confident in the car now. i did have one issue which stopped me really getting good times. I haven’t upgraded my brake master cylinder to the GTR version yet and that meant the brakes had almost no pedal feel and was very very easy to lock. Also they seemed to overheat after 5 laps, so looking to upgrade to a two piece rotor and Forodo DS3000 pads. Ended up with a 1:11.2 which is not a hugely quick time but good enough considering it was a shake down day! also it seemed the track wasn’t overly fast as most people seemed 1-2 seconds off their normal pace (May also be lack of practice in the last few months!!)
  12. Last time I went to a japx meet there was probably a dozen skylines there.... so defo the place to be. BooSTeRS is also pretty good, was originally just for the focus’ but has really branches out!
  13. Had a bit of fun on the weekend! Finally got around to installing the Cusco roll cage I’ve had since September! super simple to do, took about an hour. I’m waiting now for some 40mm roll cage steel to arrive so I can get a harness bar added on. Just a reminder this cage is not adr or cams approved but for the track days I do in the skyline don’t require one. Just wanted to add this in so I can run a HANS device safely. did need to move the wiring harness a little, but it literally just pulls off the floor and you can move it around the cage. cage I got is designed to keep your full stock interior, so far only needed to slightly cut the carpet, but clears all the panels fine. Still need to test fit the rear seat
  14. I do a lot of sim racing and I’ve realised I actually hate holding onto suede without gloves and when I am wearing gloves it doesn’t matter if it’s leather or suede for me. Also I absolutely hate the maintenance, you have the clean the damn thing every month and eventually it wears so bad it looks like leather... and I didn’t want a full leather wheel, I wanted some variation so went with the above
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