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  1. All good thanks heaps for the offers guys! I needed to get tyres anyway and got some te37 replicas in black super cheap (18*8.5+35) fitted sweet. Also fitted the stock exhaust, cleaned the car up, while it was on the hoist ensured the underbody was perfect (super clean already but just made sure). Went over the pits with no issues at all. It does have an aftermarket bov, and they were concerned about if it plumbed back, which it did. So all was good!
  2. Hey All! Proud new owner of a 2000 R34 GTT. Need to get the rego transferred (it is ACT registered at the moment) and found out it needs to go through Hume for the inspection due to it being an import (erghh) Car actually looks really stock, am putting the stock exhaust back on, will run it on 98 and not e85 and trying to find some rims and tyres that are not to wide (If anyone has stockies I could borrow for Monday, it would save me!!! Happy to pay for troubles). It has an aftermarket ECU and Turbo and just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with the pits in ACT and how tough they are. Car looks super clean and stock, even under the bonnet there is nothing standing out. It does have a FMIC, but its a full return so there was no cutting involved. Also has coilovers…. Appreciate any insights or hints and tips! Thanks guys! Toby
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