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  1. Arghhh, I keep buying parts for the car but don't have the time to install as yet and still waiting for my new shed to arrive. But ordered the alpha omega racing Evo brake upgrade kit today! Took the car to Wakefield on the weekend, and it did not inspire confidence under brakes
  2. Nope, all the events ill be entering dont require a cage for a street registered car, but for my own safety i wanted to run a harness and a hans device (Just feel safer). Also im not 100% sure i trust the A pillars on these cars, they look tiny! So for this purpose the cage is perfect. Was hoping you wouldn't mind, is nice to see the full history of a car in one place
  3. Blitz ER34 Oil cooler came today, quality is amazing!!
  4. Cage arrived today!!! I got the Cusco 4 Point Full Capacity Cage which follows the roof line for the main hoop and goes over the top of the windows for the rear supports. I've ordered an FIA 40mm Roll Cage Join to add a harness bar across the two rear struts. Here is some pictures
  5. So parts have arrived. Turns out the top is an AN10 already so no need for any adaptors for the top Here is a picture of the can with the top 90 degree connector at the top, front male to male connectors and the straight hose fittings. On the side of the push in fittings for the engine and the 90 degree fittings for that. Also came with a little 3d printed cover to help knock the push fittings in
  6. Just in case anyone else buys a Cusco Safety 21 4 point full capacity Rollcage (281 270 A20) to get the harness bar in i have bought two of the FIA Roll Cage Joints and will weld them to the cage with a piece of 40mm tubing. the joints are available here https://www.rhdjapan.com/cusco-40mm-fia-roll-cage-joint-kit.html This allows the harness bar to be removed when not needed The add on bars cusco sell directly do not have the strength to be used for a harness.
  7. Once I get the shed setup, maybe I'll remove the engine and do the head drain & baffled sump. The restrictors will just send me on a slippery slope! Also great idea on the nipples for the catch can!
  8. Found a solution, was suprisingly simple. Cusco sell an add on bar that goes to the rear hoop for a harness and it takes maybe 5 mins to put on and off .. will defo get that
  9. I'm a complicated guy But the agi rear struts require removal of the rear seat
  10. I have an AGI cage in my current cars and I do love them, but for a street car I'm trying to go with a more subtle approach. Will review options later on when I actually install the belts
  11. I feel the more I read the more confusing it gets.
  12. CAMS also allow up to 45 degrees
  13. Did a bit of research into this and Takata actually recommend attaching the belts to the factory rear seatbelt points as they have been crash tested and are within the acceptable rear angle for a harness. The problem is when you bolt it to the floor under your seat. They also recommend no more than a 45 degree angle down for the harness. http://www.speedhunters.com/2014/06/takata-ask-the-expert-answers/
  14. I was looking into a baffled sump as well, but there are so many differing opinions on this!!
  15. Any advice on this would be appreciated. I've been reading the excess oil in the head is more a RB26 issue rather than a 25 issue. It seems a few people have just been adding an extra litre of oil and that along with the extra oil in cooler seems to have been sufficient for others. But if I have misread this let me know as I was thinking about doing a head drain kit (and can that be done with the engine in?). I also read somewhere that restricting the oil passages in the motor is not recommended for the 25?
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