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  1. You reminded me that earlier this year Honda was considering leaving the aussie market, im guessing if this doesnt work, they are likely to withdraw. May be they only stayed to trial this as a last ditch attempt to be profitable in aus? Update: Honda rules out leaving Australia, but may reduce its dealer network or appoint an independent distributor | CarAdvice
  2. Also, i know this sounds stupid, but make sure the bolts to the timing cover are tight.... if its a little loose it sounds like your big end bearing is gone.... scared the crap out of me the other night
  3. Also if Merc and Honda go to fixed price, i assume they would need to lower their prices so people dont go elsewhere to negotiate a new deal, or they will run a lot of special deals to get people to come to them rather than negotiating a cheaper price at BMW or Mazda. Orrrr they may price their cars competitively, forcing others to also fix their prices at a competitive level. Orr they form a cartel and rip all of us off (probably this option right?)
  4. I use to own a Tesla, there was no negotiation at all, the price is the price, its all done online. I was OK with this as its the same for everyone. However when we went to buy the wifes new car and my ute earlier this year, all gloves were off as I didn't want to be the chump overpaying... I preferred the Tesla model personally.
  5. Here is a video from the weekend. My handbrake cable is super loose and wouldn't lock the rear, so had fun relying on the old clutch kick. Came second in class which was awesome. Super fun night under the lights at smsp VID-20201123-WA0000.mp4
  6. I think that's the way to go. I just don't want to drill the engine bay... do you have any pics of the install? Also I have no idea where I'd move the oil cooler, I guess I can see how the gtrs do it
  7. Off to do a motokhana at smsp on Saturday night, figured its time to get the harness installed. Got the below harness bar welded into the cage
  8. Its interesting as i never had any issues with the rx8, but the skyline I've done this twice to the front left, and my mate with an evo X has done it three times... Also had a mate have a similar issue with the s700 slicks on an 86 I'm wondering if its a weight issue, or a camber issue or just a driving technique or tyre pressure thing.
  9. Be interesting to see if tue oem to dash bounces around more while driving
  10. God damn it.... that would have been helpful when I did mine. At least I can swap it now and free up an avi for the haltech for the oil temp sensor
  11. Go to out to wakefield today. Only got 20 laps in before I realised my tyres started delaminating. Reading up on it, seems to be a common issue for Kumho V70A's at wakefield. Not sure why it happens though. Used the first 5 laps to bed in some new brake rotors (got some 2 piece rotors) did 10 laps with an instructor as I have been struggling with turn 2 since the move to the skyline and then 5 hot laps before the tyre started to go on me. Ended up with a 1.09 but there is plenty left in the car! Can't wait to get out here again with some new tyres.
  12. So recently did the local hillclimb here in Canberra. Car performed amazingly, first time i have really felt the car was doing what I wanted. It was a 2 lap event and managed a 82.91 second time which 5th overall for the day (was beaten by Porsche GT3, Evo X & Westfield Clubman) There was a nicely modified Soarer there as well and we traded times all day, but he pipped me at the end. Overall was a great day! Have a trackday organised with the Gemini car club next week, so started preparing the car for that. Took it to pedders for the cheap suspension check, overall car was good but everything was a bit loose. I let them do a full suspension torque service where they went and torqued all the suspension components to specification. Before i dropped off the car there were a lot of noises coming from everywhere... after i picked it up, it is super silent, its amazing what happens when the nuts and bolts are done up to spec! I also got them to do a quick alignment, as there are not many really good alignment shops in Canberra, the settings I went for are: -3 degrees front camber 6 degrees caster 1.5mm front toe out -1.5 degrees rear camber 0 rear toe Just need to do an oil change, check the gearbox and diff oil and I'm ready for Wakefield! Hopefully there will be more grip out there as when i went earlier in the year we were the first on track after the COVID closure, it was slippery as anything out there.
  13. Ooo the other thing the original dash handles the lights on warning chime for the headlights
  14. Sorry, yes I assumed he had a haltech, especially as an IC7 is useless with the stock ecu (Requires a Haltech or OBD2 to function)
  15. This may help with the wiring http://forums.linkecu.com/topic/3425-speed-sensor-wiring/
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