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  1. Disclaimer: I am no way related to this company Have been reviewing the insurance for my car and stumbled on this site for a quote. Only took 5 mins and they were a third of the price of Shannon's who I am currently with. Thought I would post here to see if it helps anyone else! https://www.enthusiast.com.au/why-enthusiast
  2. You and me both! I I've bitten off more than I can chew, will be a month before I get onto it
  3. Yer it's not, 600 is perfect, 660 has a wet boiling point that's a bit too low
  4. Have taken your advice and will relocate! Im going to the wreckers on the weekend to pick up an R33 rear battery tray so it can look all nice and stock
  5. Yer i was running Project Mu HC800 pads but they just were overheating after a few big stops. Was running fresh Motul 600 fluid too. Times on the weekend were terrible though as we had an oil spill on turn one, so couldn't really attack the braking zone there too hard.
  6. Cheers! I'll try that first before the windscreen! Worth trying the cheaper options first!
  7. It was all just black grime there, took me 20 mins to clean it back to this. Will probably sand it back and paint it up later this week
  8. @GTSBoy Ok pulled the car apart, finally have located the rough place of the water entry The water seems to be dropping from above the throttle pedal. I'm thinking it's the windscreen? Also cleaned up what I think are the plenums? They had leafs but nothing major. Picture also attached
  9. Will have a good look tomorrow. Cheers for the advice
  10. Makes sense. I'll try and see if either of those are the issue.... Is there an easy way to check either? I had a look at the windscreen but it's hard to tell if the seal is 100% I'll have a bit of a google
  11. Hey All! Wondering if anyone can help me, had some rain here recently and noticed water got into the cabin. I'm pretty sure it happened while it was parked and not driving. It's only in the driver side footwell and I've checked the fire wall and there is no obvious place for water to enter (such as a grommet or such. Have pulled the carpet back and it looks like it's leaking from the centre console maybe? Just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue or has any thoughts on where this could be from? The water patch seems to be from the left of the clutch pedal against the gearbox tunnel (can see the discolouration on the photo. Any help would be sooo good (is in a R34 GTT)
  12. Yep! I think I went to big with the catch can and can't find anywhere to mount it. Trying to decide whether to get a smaller can or relocate the battery.... But the concept is sound and all the parts fit, so if you went with the 1l can it wouldn't be an issue
  13. Arghhh, I keep buying parts for the car but don't have the time to install as yet and still waiting for my new shed to arrive. But ordered the alpha omega racing Evo brake upgrade kit today! Took the car to Wakefield on the weekend, and it did not inspire confidence under brakes
  14. Nope, all the events ill be entering dont require a cage for a street registered car, but for my own safety i wanted to run a harness and a hans device (Just feel safer). Also im not 100% sure i trust the A pillars on these cars, they look tiny! So for this purpose the cage is perfect. Was hoping you wouldn't mind, is nice to see the full history of a car in one place
  15. Blitz ER34 Oil cooler came today, quality is amazing!!
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