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  1. I was going to do the same. I have a brand new genuine MFD housing if you're interested
  2. Pretty sad in act now. We only have Kambah as they stopped E85 at eagle hawk
  3. Sorry, know it's late, but here's what mine looked like. Wish you had a happy ending!
  4. Went to the dyno day today. Can now compare all dyno runs I know of. First is from the previous owner when it was first tuned in Feb 2017 from DVS (287kw) Second is from August 2019 (271kw) when I did a dyno day in Canberra at Autotech Services Final one is from the SAU dyno day today (305kw) at JEM I don't believe there was any changes to car between 2017 to 2019 other than an owner change Changes from 2019 to now are basically Haltech, external gate and a proper intercooler. It is also now running a bit richer now (afr went from! low to mid 12's from 2019 to low to mid 11's now). This is due to the car doing a lot of track work now. It isn't making as much power as I wanted, but I actually think this is fine, it comes on hard but stays super flat to redline. Very happy 20210522_102809.mp4
  5. i think my IC7 Dash print took about 2 months and that felt like a lifetime. I would have gone insane if it took over 5 months
  6. So many variables! It would be impossible to say for a few. If you can get a laser thermometer they are only $20 on eBay. Every tyre has its own sweet spot for pressure. What you want to check is the following for each tyre asap once you get off the track (a tyre pyrometer would be better but costs $$$) Inside temp Centre Temp Outside temp You want the temps to be even across the whole the tyre. If the centre is lower than the inside and outside you need to add more pressure. If the inside and outside is higher then the centre , then you need to remove psi If the outside is higher than the middle and inside you need more camber If the inside is higher than the middle and outside you need to remove camber. Suspension wise I run Front camber -2.5 Caster 9 degrees Tow 1.5mm out 350mm height Rear camber -1 Toe 0 340mm ride height. Usually I'll start with both front and rear shocks on the centre settings. Get the tyre pressures right first and then adjust as following: Try and work out based on feel if there is too much roll in the car, you need the car to roll side to side to generate grip, but also you need it to be nimble and also not roll so much that you run out of suspension. Hard to explain how you feel this after this I will then adjust per the following: Too much understeer (stiffen the rear or soften the front) Too much oversteer (soften the rear and stiffen the front) If the suspension is not getting to where you need then you can: Too much understeer (remove psi in front of add psi in rear tyres) Too much oversteer (add psi in front and remove psi in rear) Check your pressures after every run. This is critical! When you buy the tyres the dealer should be able to give you an idea on estimated warm pressures for your tyres. Remember these pressure are measured warm not cold!! Adjust from this base. For smsp I usually run the front a little stuff so it will understeer a little at the limit, gives me confidence for T1 knowing the rear won't snap
  7. For some reason it's trying to add shipping on checkout
  8. it gets more complicated than that as you also adjust what gear you are in based on the power available in rev band.... for example in my old RX8 i was always in lowest gear i could find so i was revving the thing out as much as i could as all the power is up top, now im using a few gears higher as all my torque is in the middle of the rev range. I guess theres a point that you will also adjust your driving based on the powerband...
  9. Mine finally got back on the road! Doesnt drive much though.. will be at the 11 April hill climb though
  10. It was a super solid base to work from! Love the little beast!
  11. i have a sandwich plate on another sandwich plate that is then on the factory oil cooler plate, doesn't seem to cause any issues....
  12. I used the crank motorsport seat subframes and just universal rails clearance was more than fine. Seats are a little hard but more than fine, nice bolstering. Overall I really like them
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