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  1. On 02/11/2021 at 11:21 AM, GTSBoy said:

    Trouble is, it is an investment with no actual value. Objectively the cars are truly worthless when they are "priced" at those sorts of numbers, because you can't buy one with the intention to drive it, if you also want to be able to obtain a massive capital gain. People paying massive prices for these cars are buying something that is supercar money without supercar performance, and in order to preserve the "value", you can't even use what performance it does have. So the whole "I've always wanted one of these, I love the performance and the way they drive, and now I have the money to afford it" line you hear is a complete load of shit. It might have been believable at the $50-100k price region, but it just bullshit at multiples of that.

    Yep I totally agree with this!  Reason I bought the skyline to begin with was my belief that if anything ever went wrong I could pick up an NA shell and use panels off that to fix my car. BUT with the prices where they are at now, I have concerns that if I binned the car it would cost me a fortune to fix. That means I want to track it less and when I do track it I would need to baby it a bit to ensure I didn't write it off, so then slowly it would just become a static piece of art in my garage and it would have no real world use anymore.....

    Hence I sold it to someone who wants to daily drive it everyday, it needed to be released to be wild and free :)

  2. I've had MCAs reds on my last car and MCA blues on the Skyline... I wouldn't ever rate them as harsh, they can be quite comfortable if you keep them on a soft setting. Talk directly to MCA and they will recommend the best set. Lots of places in Sydney are resellers.

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  3. So got the new wideband, turned on the "auto tune" on the ecu and it was all looking good. However, I did strip a knock sensor and then started looking through the ecu. Watched a few hp academy videos and realised my ecu had a few glaring issues (such as the flex fuel sensor being disabled)

    Anyway I lost a bit of faith in the tune after that as there were a lot of little issues (which may have been fine, but I didn't feel comfortable anymore).

    Went to a new workshop, Glen at ESP was amazing, really nice bloke and I feel actually cared about getting the right result.

    He did swap my knock sensors to the Bosch donut type sensors, I know it's not 100% needed, but it's cheap and adds a level of insurance. 

    Also got a clutch switch put in for flat foot, rev match, launch control etc.

    Car is running well and without ANY engine mods at all the car has gone from making 305kw atw at 25-20psi to now making 330kw are at 18psi... It's night and day different! Very very happy!


  4. That's interesting...  although meant nothing as the flex fuel sensor in my car was disabled... I did ask them a few times why my dash would always say 85% ethanol even when i had 98 in it.... and enquired why my AFR was 8:1 when on 98... was told not to worry and its all fine... seemed very odd to me though

  5. On 22/09/2021 at 11:05 AM, Dose Pipe Sutututu said:

    Also I can nearly guarantee you 9 our of 10 workshops never bother to fully dial in the fuel density table. I got this data from interpolating BP 98 data and ethanol density from an EVO forum. Sure it might not be accurate but it's better than having the same fuel density across the board for ethanol percentage and temperature.

    Feel free to copy, however please note if your car as been tuned around a static fuel density, adding this in will affect your tune!


    What was interesting is the car was setup to run the same timing for e85 and 98

  6. I think if it was thing that was a bit... o that seems odd, i would be ok, but it was so many things.... just lost faith...


    On 22/09/2021 at 11:03 AM, Dose Pipe Sutututu said:

    Whoops sorry, totally missed this thread

    Thanks for this :) nothing was in place.. which i totally understand as from what i read they can be very finicky to setup

  7. So I had a look in the ECU, there was no knock protection in place. 

    I also watched a lot of youtube to get a base understanding of how the Haltech worked. Started to get concerned with how my car was setup and there was minimal engine protection. 

    Then I also realised some basic things were not setup correct, such as the flex fuel sensor not being enabled when i supposedly got a flex tune done.... 

    Also the IAT sensor was put wired into the SPI input and not the AVI, they then did an odd calibration based on this which made it look sort of correct on the dash, but was actually way off..  

    VCT was not being used.... 

    Self Learning Fuel Trims were setup to only activate if the coolant temp was above 90c.....

    God knows what else was wrong as i obviously have a very limited knowledge of the ECU.... literally based on a few HP Academy videos... 

    I mean if I could find these issues after what could be considered 2 hours of youtube...  how on earth can a "professional" who works at a well known shop here get it so wrong?

    To say I'm p!ssed is an understatement.... Anyway its at a more reputable place now getting rectified... Turns out this new place has seen a lot of issues from the old place... so its fairly common from them, unfortunately....

  8. If it was me, i would just clean the rust off, treat it and then spray with fresh paint... its only surface rust, if you treat it now it should avoid any larger issues.


    Although usually when you see surface rust on the towers, check under the car as it may be rusting from the bottom and only just showing on the strut tops.

  9. So walked away from it and tried to get to the sensor connector again just then. Its amazing how something that seemed so  impossible before was so easy! Just didn't have my hand in the right place. Went back when fresh and got it off in a few seconds. 

    Ordered a new connector as the existing one has gotten super brittle, and it's not overly expensive. So easy fix in the end

  10. Hey all,

    Im finding it hard to determine this for sure. What I would like to know is if the elite 2500 uses the factory Nissan knock sensors at all? 

    Just asking as the wiring for the front knock sensor just got split and it's a pain to get in there and fix. So figured if it's not being used, why bother?

    Thanks for the help!


  11. still waiting on my new wideband sensor. Sapresbox are taking forever, looks like they didnt have any stock in the country and mail is taking forever these days!  When it arrives i want to get a new bung welded in further along the dump pipe.

    Ive been doing a few small jobs with the car since we are in lockdown anyway. Moved the oil cooler to a better position, got a taarks oil filter relocation kit to get the oil filter in a better position. 

    Also ordered a 3qt Accusump that I want to pop in the boot. Was only $385 on Amazon (with no valve), went back to $450 shortly after i ordered. I'm thinking i will just run a manual valve rather than the electronic one.

  12. On 08/09/2021 at 1:30 PM, Kinkstaah said:

    If you want to (or want someone else to) enjoy driving the car, 300kw is the magic sweet spot for approximately everything as one whole cohesive car ...system.

    yep i have 300kw on e85, is super manageable and fun. i mostly only use it for trackdays, 265/275 semi slicks are the go. make sure all the suspension components (coilovers, suspension arms, bushes etc.) are top notch, otherwise it gets a bit unpredictable 

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