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  1. Yes I mean adding hood dampers. Well I already order to this seller...and the kit he sends me doesn't fit without making 4 customs plate on the r34 gtr....
  2. Hello, Any idea where can I found a R34 bonnet damper for OEM hood ? like the tein however they seems to be discounted Best regards
  3. Yes I removed all the screws...the speedometer part is still blocking in some way; hard to explain without a video. Yes I noticed the DIP package of the eeprom however since it's on the other side I can't determined the exact part number and thus the interface of it (SPI or 3 wire) and the memory organisation. Anyway I will try to removed the front cover thanks
  4. well I try again without dissasembling the front but for a R34 nismo gtr cluster it's not possible I mean the speedometer part is blocking in some way... So I will remove the front cover like you have done on the picture in fact Thanks for your help
  5. Thanks for your help not same result if powered in the car or outside I got white screen Flex ribbon between motherboard and LCD assembly is seated correctly also this flex is fine I made a continuity test on it
  6. thanks for your input So power pin 1 2 3 at 12V and 13 and 14 at GND and the MFD start Any idea why I get a white screen after replacing the screen (even by putting back the old one ?)
  7. Hello, I have some issue with my MFD so I'm wondering how can I start it outside of the car. I obvisouly connected pin 1 and 2 to 12V and 13 and 14 to GND and also try to wired the ignition pin (12) to 12V But the MFD still refused to power on. The MFD start when installed in the car. PS: pinout of the MFD in attachement New Bitmap Image (2).bmp
  8. hello how To remove the cluster board ? I removed all the screws however there is something which is blocking in the speedometer area do I need to unclip the transparent front, unscrew the 2 screws which holds the speedometer and also remove the needle? or do I need to unclip the black plastic (and so the front transparent plastic which is clip on the black part)? best regards
  9. Hello, I'm not able to figure out the size, color and number per color I think it's T6.5 and there are 3 colors, right ? It will save me disassembling the cluster just to order some leds one... Best regards
  10. Hello, I'm in the same situation; I bought a new nismo r34 cluster to fit on my R34 gtr Could anyone give me some info to adapt the mileage ? Otherwise if the chip where the mileage is stored is the same then I will do some soldering job... Best regards
  11. Hello, I'm looking for a R34 steering wheel, without airbag, in the badest condition possible (so cheaper) Best regards
  12. Found it ! it's from a japanse ! 1.5K with your steering wheel from what I understand (which will bring it much higher with shipping cost and taxes....) I finally find a local french company that can do it for 1K, must find another steering wheel because 1 month delay ! Will post a picture when done because it seems to interested some of you
  13. Oups sorry I didn't noticed I was logged in I will keep the airbag so no problem
  14. hello, My OEM steering wheel is tired and I love this steering wheel However I have no idea where I can have one like this. Any idea ? Best regards
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