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  1. you have a PM R33 won't do it sorry West but thanks for the offer
  2. thanks for infos guys ! I will look for yahoo auctions then because hard to find in Europe at decent price!
  3. What does IIRC means ? That's the point I don't got it; if the airbox are the SAME why does the r33 snorkel doesn't fit on the R34 ? Thanks for your help
  4. Sorry to dig this post But I'm wondering this question too ! So does r33 airbox same as r34 ?
  5. ls it the same ? which price ?
  6. Hello, I'm looking for an original r34 gtr airbox thanks
  7. Hello, I'm looking for a software or documents for the exploded parts of the R34 GTR to find the part needed more easily and quicker (like on rhdjapan or nengun) Thanks in advance
  8. OK thanks for the explanations So it was an accessories belt that was too tight everything is running fine now
  9. Thanks for your reply, Yes I follow the manual and also some online topics like this one. https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/397602-how-to-replace-a-timing-belt-202526-pics/ However there is no indication on how to measure it whereas for the accesories belt they are (see attachment). And I'm looking for something more precised than 1/4 turn since it looks like I set it wrong using this approximative method... They are refering to a tension of 200N (sorry N not Nm); I'm not talking about the tightening torque of the bolt Best regards New Bitmap Image.bmp
  10. Hello, I changed my timing belt but I think I tight it too much (I can twist the belt at about 45 degree like it seems to be) however I heard it singing or maybe that's the accessories one anyway I found the timing belt deflection for the accessories belt but not for the timing one. I only found that it must be tight to 200nm...how can we check that with the tensiometer ? I look into the R32, R33 and R34 manuals but always this info... Best regards
  11. Hello, I'm wondering if someone used one of those kit ? https://www.nengun.com/behrman/headlight-repair-lens-kit-r34-skyline Is it identicall to OEM ? Best regards
  12. Hello, I'm looking for a R34 GTR: - 1x cam cover - 1x headlight driver side or just the glass - 1x engine fan - 1x original exhaust - 1x original air duc - 1x original air filter Best regards
  13. Hello, My engine fan is cracked all the way so looking for a replacement. When looking online I got 2 references 21060-5L300 and 21060-75T01 ? both are same or ? Best regards
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