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  1. Hello, I'm looking into a rear final drive pinion and crown for a r34 gtr 38100-00A60 or a complete diff Ratio is 3.545 (39:11) Best regards
  2. There is an option also to keep the air con. If so where are they putting the external pump ?
  3. Is there anyone who install a dry sump pump reservoir in the engine bay ? Removing the windscreen tank should be the way to go I guess ? custom tank I suppose ? Thanks for your answers
  4. Thanks a lot for your answers, I appreciate! Sorry I made a mistake for the quaife Well what scare me is one brand (I don't recall which one) advice to dissasemble the gearbox every 5000kms to check....and based on some reading here I can see that such gearbox need quite short servicing... I'm looking into the DCT which looks amazing !! Only downside is the final gear is "only" 1.00 for the GS7D36SG And also product is quite new so I hope we get some result/review soon !
  5. Just wondering if there is any synchromesh sequential gearbox for the r3x gtr ? I believe only quaife is the only one to produce one ? THe reason I would prefer this type of gearbox is for servicing...because dog type should be inspect quite often.. If I'm not wrong albin, samsonas, hollinger, ppe are dog type
  6. Hello, I'm planning my future upgraded...for a power goal of 800AWD with 1000nm torque What is the best setup to upgraded a r34 transfer case ? I understand that the order of the plate should be changed to steel/plate/steel and so on to have the best grip out of it. Are there any more robust plate than the original one ? Or maybe a strong clutch replacing the original disks pack ? Should I start with a r32/r33 gtr transfer case which as a bigger chain ? Is there any upgraded aftermarket transfer case existing ? Best regards
  7. So to conclude, My assumption was false, based on the curves I provided we can see that the wheels has locked but the ABS release some pressure to unlock them... Replacing the winter tyres by some regular tyres give a much better feeling too (but I don't think it was necessary) So at the end, a bleed of the system + some cleaning on the calipers (with a lot of WD40) seems to have done the trick....yes it was such simple French test has been passed with success this time I can finally drive legally in a few weeks hopefully THanks for having a look into my problem.
  8. I'm suspecting some solenoids being blocked as my wheels are still locking (my feeling is it seems to be the front only ) so I will dissasemble the pump I have made a test this morning (7am at 1 degre; the road was dry but we some humidity on it; sorry I don't get the english word for it ) you can clearly see from the picture that my abs control seems to react correctly ! if the solenoids valve are in good cobdition, I will put everything back to stock : no winter tyres OEM pads new flexible hoses (avionic ) new brake master thanks
  9. I finally got a (german) consult I was able to do the active test with success (meaning the abs pump should be ok) the wheel data seems to be ok too, they are between +/-1kmh between each other and they are matching the real speed. I was not able to do the self diagnostic with the consult; I might do something wrong in the process I guess (see picture)
  10. so I have bleed the entire system and the wheels are still locking I have dixcel m or z type brake pads (I dont know if that could be an issue somehow ) I have order a consult 1 we will see if I am still getting into trouble I will change the master brake cylinder, abs pump and abs control unit ... best regards
  11. I have order it G means german E means english so hopefully EG will be in english and german
  12. thanks I already contact the seller to see if it include EE980 otherwise I'm looking into an EE980 card
  13. Yes... because this cable and the card associated work only for R34 GTR that's why it make it so special ! some dealer even ask what is a nissan skyline r34 gtr haha
  14. In France, no chance to find one with such device... (I mean consult I)
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