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  1. So end of the story by setting correctly the timing belt everything Line up correctly The car is now running much better !!! I couldn't go above 800 degree on medium/hard road drive I'm so happy thanks for all
  2. Thanks for all your input guys It looks like the exhaust cam timing is wrong ...(1 teeth off ) However when putting the engine at its top dead center the admission cam is 0.5 teeth off and so the exhaust cam is 1.5 teeth off Does it means that the timing belt pressure is wrong which explains the 0.5 teeth difference? Thanks for your time
  3. So I try to set the ignition to 15,20 or 25 doesn't make any difference.. I have 2.6 bar at iddling on the fuel pressure line (taken after the fuel filter) I have 3.0 bar when removing the vacum hose or during the next 5secs I put the ignition on The fuel pressure is between 3.0 and 3.5 bars under WOT The fuel pressure is droping slowly continuously a bit after I switch off the car According to the service manual, these values are ok meaning pressure regulator and fuel pumps are ok I don't know what to do/test... The car is fully stock, seems to be in good health (no suspect sounds or lack of power ) Any suggestions ?
  4. Hello, I'm selling my nismo r34 gtr cluster in excellent condition Color is black without original box Price 2900 USD Location: France but I can ship worldwilde Best regards
  5. Thanks for your reply So for you it's not related to the fuel pump and fuel regulator What temps should I see on the highway idling at 3k in 6th gear ? So maybe the CAS is wrongly set, I will remove some advance to see thanks
  6. Hello, During highway around 3000rpm I'm at around 840 in sixth gear. During a WOT second gear to 4th gear I'm at 960 and I stopped at this point... (MFD starts to warn me) Engine iddling I'm at about 550 I didn't pay attention in the past to this as I was solving others issues... The car is fully stock, everything seems to work good It looks like the engine is running too much lean ? Should I make some log data for the AFR ? I suspected the fuel regulator and the fuel pump to be 22 years old....Is it probably the issue ? THanks for your inputs
  7. the only reliable solution will be to spy the bus while using the nissan consult ... good luck to put your hands on a Nissan consult
  8. Lol no Let me explain, my several anti-thefts are bouncing in my trunk.... So a cargo net would block them somehow That's why I was wondering if someone already adapt something
  9. Hello, I'm looking into a rear final drive pinion and crown for a r34 gtr 38100-00A60 or a complete diff Ratio is 3.545 (39:11) Best regards
  10. There is an option also to keep the air con. If so where are they putting the external pump ?
  11. Is there anyone who install a dry sump pump reservoir in the engine bay ? Removing the windscreen tank should be the way to go I guess ? custom tank I suppose ? Thanks for your answers
  12. Thanks a lot for your answers, I appreciate! Sorry I made a mistake for the quaife Well what scare me is one brand (I don't recall which one) advice to dissasemble the gearbox every 5000kms to check....and based on some reading here I can see that such gearbox need quite short servicing... I'm looking into the DCT which looks amazing !! Only downside is the final gear is "only" 1.00 for the GS7D36SG And also product is quite new so I hope we get some result/review soon !
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