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  1. Hello, As I'm planning to install a rear diffuser on a r34 gtr. I'm looking for the reference of the triple rear cross bar vspec. I can't find the part number or even a place to buy it... Any help ? Thanks for all
  2. Hello, I'm still in the debugging of my MFD, can you confirm: - the MFD is running (or at least show something on the screen) by just putting power on it ? - to show the NTSC video input we just need to press the TV button ? Best regards
  3. Thanks for all your reply ! I want to go bigger than 355mm and I know 355mm it will fit (cf calculation of Duncan) In fact, I start this topic to know if someone has already done it so that he can point me out some low "height" caliper I just measured one of my wheel and I got 412mm (I need to check the 3 others) I should be able to fit 365mm disc or maybe 370mm For instance if I go with this caliper https://apracing.com/cdn/drawings/cp9560-1cd.pdf This will give me 407mm for a 370mm so 2.5mm clearance that's not a lot I agree but still be faisable With a disc of 365mm that will give me 397mm so 7.5mm that's better ! Thanks for your time
  4. Yes you are right and I asked it implicitly, I should have precised this in my original request ! I'm looking for calipers with a small "height" thus will determined the maximum disc size Thanks KiwiRS4T I guess I will have to make my own research... I was just wondering if someone managed to use >355mm disc brake with standard wheels
  5. THanks for your reply For both R35 brakes are 380mm (or 390 for latest model) so it will fit on Nismo wheels for instance but not on the standard one... And I would like to use both and I want the biggest possible
  6. Hello, I made quite some research but I couldn't find a kit or informations above 355mm size disc brake fitment on R34 GTR standard wheels ? Like 370mm or 365mm for instance ? I have the ability to make custom brackets but prefer not too. Looking for brand such as Brembo, AP racing... Thanks for your time.
  7. Well in my area, they will not bother help me to find a compatible reference...they will asked to find by myself and then they can order. Anyway that wasn't the point of my question; it looks like I will need to look by myself when I will disassemble the CV.
  8. thanks for your reply but the goal was to order up front and not be stuck waiting for the parts ...
  9. Hello, I'm looking for alternative part of the rear CV joint trim ? C9GDA17V86 (3974117V86) and C9BDA17V87 (3924117V87) Because the OEM reference are quite rare and so not cheap at all ! (I found alternative parts for the front CV joint trim but nothing for the rear...I even try to look for the R32 and R33 without any luck; I made the assumption they were identicals) If anyone has some hints ? THanks
  10. Well I'm sorry I just spend a couple of hours looking for the OEM sway bar fromt and rear but I found different answers ....(I do find for upgraded parts) So I guess I will measured them this week end. Could you at least point me out for the diameter for the steering rack ? Strongflex can't help me ... thanks for your time
  11. I also asked but I wanted an other source to confirmed so that I will not have any surprise when I will changed them. so if anyone can give me some info that would help me a lot? thanks for all
  12. Hello, Since all my bushes start to die, I found strongflex be a good replacement : https://www.strongflex.eu/en/nissan-skyline-r33-93-98/1574-286217b-full-suspension-bush-kit-r33-r34-5902553521870.html#/34-ffront_anti_roll_bar-22mm I have a r34 gtr 1999, I want to buy this kit however I don't have the car this week and I can't check the diameter of : -Front anti roll bar -Rear anti roll bar -Steering rack mount bush -Front tie bar to chassis Can you advice me the corresponding diameters to match with my car ? I can provide more info on it if needed Thanks for all
  13. Yes I mean adding hood dampers. Well I already order to this seller...and the kit he sends me doesn't fit without making 4 customs plate on the r34 gtr....
  14. Hello, Any idea where can I found a R34 bonnet damper for OEM hood ? like the tein however they seems to be discounted Best regards
  15. Yes I removed all the screws...the speedometer part is still blocking in some way; hard to explain without a video. Yes I noticed the DIP package of the eeprom however since it's on the other side I can't determined the exact part number and thus the interface of it (SPI or 3 wire) and the memory organisation. Anyway I will try to removed the front cover thanks
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