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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a R34 steering wheel, without airbag, in the badest condition possible (so cheaper) Best regards
  2. Found it ! it's from a japanse ! 1.5K with your steering wheel from what I understand (which will bring it much higher with shipping cost and taxes....) I finally find a local french company that can do it for 1K, must find another steering wheel because 1 month delay ! Will post a picture when done because it seems to interested some of you
  3. Oups sorry I didn't noticed I was logged in I will keep the airbag so no problem
  4. hello, My OEM steering wheel is tired and I love this steering wheel However I have no idea where I can have one like this. Any idea ? Best regards
  5. Because at least 20 years old system! No info on this even an user manual for this exact model. No worries, I will put a newer one soon. Thanks for the info and I finally managed to get it out.
  6. where to find this r34 wiring diagram ? WD8E0R34J0 I can pay for it if needed
  7. Hello Can you confirm that the R34 don"t come with an alarm ? I have a code alarm installed; and I'm starting to remove it (because for my battery get flat in one week without used) However previous owner made serious installation of it and not easy to removed..I will need to removed the dash to have space !! That's why I asked you to confirmed that this module is an aftermarket one Best regards
  8. Hello, I'm wondering if there is a way to get the clip which hold the front glass to the back. There are 5 clips by headlight. Some are missing on my headlights and they don't have a part number (so a full headlight must be purchased...) Best regards
  9. you have a PM R33 won't do it sorry West but thanks for the offer
  10. thanks for infos guys ! I will look for yahoo auctions then because hard to find in Europe at decent price!
  11. What does IIRC means ? That's the point I don't got it; if the airbox are the SAME why does the r33 snorkel doesn't fit on the R34 ? Thanks for your help
  12. Sorry to dig this post But I'm wondering this question too ! So does r33 airbox same as r34 ?
  13. ls it the same ? which price ?
  14. Hello, I'm looking for an original r34 gtr airbox thanks
  15. Hello, I'm looking for a software or documents for the exploded parts of the R34 GTR to find the part needed more easily and quicker (like on rhdjapan or nengun) Thanks in advance
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