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  1. Located WESTERN SYDNEY NSW Blacktown Area - Call/Text on 0490429175 if interested .
  2. Rays Engineering Wheel Prodrive GC010E Rare wheels or are rare to me as I’ve only stumbled upon a few of these in Australia 18x8.5 +33 18x9.5 +38 Tyres are aged so would need new tyres. RRP IS $2800 JUST FOR THE WHEELS They do have gutter rash hence the cheap price came of a parts car and not needed by me FORGED LIGHT WEIGHT WHEELS very light. Have a look online for the exact weight
  3. AME TRACER TM-02 SQUARE SET 19x10.5 +22 5x114.3 PRICE : $1500 Tyres currently on them are extremely stretched. But if you want to use them, 2 have decent tread and 2 have major camber wear. Genuine wheeks engineered by ENKEI Personally believe this is the best colour available for these wheels and goes well with most cars of not all. Comes with the genuine optional centrecaps which are $60 each, so thats $240 just in centrecaps included with the sale. Hard size to come up as the usual size is 18 inch. Have a look for yourselves cheers They ALL have gutter rash varying in severity. One of the wheels have pretty bad gutter rash but the rest have some here and there. Take a look at the pictures before contacting me 🤷‍♂️ Give me a text on 0490429175, if you're interested. Cheers
  4. Genuine Advan RG Made in Japan Staggered setup 5x114.3 17x8 +38 235/45/17 80% tread 17x9 +38 255/40/17 Camber worn Gutter rash present on all wheels, all very minimal except one wheel. Tyres are federal for those that want to know. Bought for a Falcon FG XR6, doesn't look as good as i thought it would initially, so they're up for sale.
  5. They sold unfortunately forgot to update the page.
  6. Rays Gramlights 57F-Pro Final price drop, found some wheels to buy so need these gone ASAP. $1400
  7. Final price drop - $1500 someone come and take these please 😭
  8. Have these for sale Western Sydney Genuine Rays Gramlights 57F-PRO Forged Light weight Staggered setup 18x9 +37 5x114.3 ( Worn Tyres) 18x7.5 +37 5x114.3 ( Near New Tyres) RRP $3000 ish and now disctontinued Throw me an offer Cheers
  9. Have a pair of SSR TYPE C 17x8.5 +40 wheels are in decent condition with minimal rash Also have a single 17x7.5 +32 Will happily but another pair/single to complete my set . please don’t lowball , these are quality wheels , lighter than te37s apparently throw me a solid offer and they are yours message me on 0490429175 or reply to this cheers
  10. Genuine Rays Gramlights 57F-PRO Forged Light weight Staggered setup 18x9 +37 5x114.3 18x7.5 +37 5x114.3 NO GUTTER RASH - one has a tiiiiny mark on it that's it basically looks new just needs a polish Rears 265/35/18 with very little tread 🤷‍♂️ Fronts 215/40/18 with 90% tread ✅ Kumho tyres Price : $2000 negotiable just throw me an offer RRP was $3000 without shipping to aus and now they are discontinued pretty sure. Located Western Sydney Mount Druitt Text me on 0490429175 if interested cheers .
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