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  1. another questions please. You mentioned the brakes are a letdown. are you saying it's better to change the calipers to the 4 piston caliper? Thanks again!
  2. Do you know how big is the tank? I cannot find this info. Thanks again
  3. The rear view side mirrors? Any reason for the rest there? Thanks
  4. I was talking about Stagea in general.
  5. I'm looking to buy this wagon and wondering if the community can help with some questions. 1. Anything to look out for during a pre-sale inspection? 2. Looking at the parts list thread, am I correct in saying parts for general/regular maintenance (change oil/brake pads) are easy to get hold off? 3. What are weak parts of these cars if any? 4. Fuel mileage for someone who doesn't have a heavy foot? 5. Is the boot as big as a commodore wagon? Thank you in advance!
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