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  1. Thanks for the welcome Stanza pic attached, this one was taken a few months ago, it has advanced a little bit since then. May contain traces of Skyline parts…
  2. Hi folks, Obscure request here, I'm trying to get hold of a C210/211 fuel filter bracket to suit the injection filter (see attached pic). While the pic shows a different model, the bracket was on the RH front tower and suits filter with part number 16400-Q0800. If you can assist please give me a yell. Thanks, Jeff
  3. Hi folks, New forum member here. I'm restoring a historic Stanza rally car in Melbourne and might need to track down some parts that were originally from early (C110 or C210) Skylines. So, while not owning a Skyline I'm a fan, from the same big Nissan / Datsun family and might just pop-up in the "Wanted" section now and then. Cheers, Jeff
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