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  1. Will this wire wheel kit do ok? https://www.bunnings.com.au/josco-3-piece-drill-brush-kit_p6111235?store=5228 I’ve removed the carpet lining from the boot. Is there anything else I need to keep in mind so as not to cause any damage?
  2. I was going to pay someone to finish it all off. But after being quoted $700+ I’ll just follow your recommended steps and try and deal with it myself. Thanks again!!!
  3. Prise them apart with arrows pointing up or down? 😬
  4. By the way, how do I remove these plastic clips in the boot? The arrow points up so I tried it with the arrows pointing down (and up) but I just can’t get it to move
  5. Kerosene and an old toothbrush worked great on most of the spots. I tried the wire sponge on the stubborn spots but they wouldn’t budge.
  6. Thanks. I chickened out and just vacuumed around it. Not as thorough of a vacuum as I would have liked but it will do 😊
  7. Thank you! Would Kerosene work by any chance? It’s just that that’s what I already have at home …
  8. Also, do I need to disconnect the battery in case I activate the airbag sensor?
  9. Managed to get the plastics off relatively easily. But how do I remove the airbag cable?
  10. Thank you!!! I ended up getting 2 kg but they filled up a 5kg bucket. I got most of it off but there is still some left. What remains is kind of sticky. Not sure why I was unable to get it off. Where to from now? How do I remove the rest of it?
  11. In which direction ? I’m worried of breaking it?
  12. I’ve taken off the two bolts at the front, but what next?
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