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  1. Now thinking about it.... i think a nismo gtt is worth that kind of money, not yours
  2. Mark my words... when they finally become legal in the states the average price of ANY r34 skyline chassis can easily double in my opinion. If you want to wait out another 3-4 years, your r34 will be worth bigger bucks, i honestly do think that your car is close to worth what you are currently asking. Continue to Keep it in mint condition
  3. I found the thread i have been looking for.... Here it is: Once again, Thank all you guys! Thread closed
  4. Thanks rusty nuts, you are the man with the plan! ... big respect
  5. Yo guys whats up, thanks for the replies but i have 5 lugs 😂
  6. Hello Everyone, After fully forging and building my r34 2 door rb25de neo to a turbo conversion... i would like to do a brake disc and caliper upgrade. I know for sure for sure for sure there IS a thread somewhere that i read a couple weeks ago but i just spent a hour looking for it and no luck. My question is, can i buy brake discs and calipers upgrades for a r34 GTT coupe? (cant find aftermarket shit for the NA r34) i think i heard something like the N/A brakes on the r34 is actually r33 gtst brakes and discs. If anyone can give me some advice or even direct me to a thread it will be greatly appreciated!!
  7. I figured it out.. the answer is yes to both #1 and #2
  8. Yes! been there done that ......BUT you will need the corresponding bolts. they fit perfectly but you need the series 2 bolts for your neo engine. the neo's bolts much shorter and the series 2 takes some real long ass bolts. Also worth mentioning is that you should really make sure and be careful when putting your CAS sensor back on and even taking it off.. be gentle... and It must be in the same exact position so you dont throw off your ignition timing. Nice purchase by the way! it Will look amazing and good luck and maybe post a pic here when your finished
  9. Okay okay thank you guys for the advice... i thought so too but i just wanted to make sure. It makes sense though that you will have to tune it with the ECU.
  10. Or... if there is any other options to help get around this, please let me know
  11. I am running a stock Pink labeled NEO Maf with a STOCK Untuned NEO ECU... With the new larger turbo and intake system, i am now getting hard cuts when i am approaching 13 psi as the airflow is too much for the AFM. I am planning on doing the norm and trying the already well documented Z32 MAF swap by ordering a ISR performance OE replacement from Enjuku Racing. HOWEVER here is my question.... I have heard and asked some people if it can be done using the stock ecu (obviously i know that i have to repin the plug to the Neo harness) but some people are saying that you HAVE to have a tuneable Ecu/ Piggy back to make it work. even the product description on enjuku racing says you will ecu compatibility tuning to make it work. HOWEVER i heard some others say you can do it with no problem on the stock ecu but i never actually spoke to someone who claims they have with the stock ecu. I am hoping i can get away with my stock ecu. Does anyone have experience with the STOCK ECU?
  12. If its rubber in the injector seal, if its plastic its what hardsteppa said
  13. You can use the coolant drain plug as water feed and the nipple off the thermostat housing as water return. For oil... you can use a brass "T" between the oil pressure sensor and block as feed and for the return, it is very simple. its the plug where the DET drain would be. but on the NEO rb's , that plug wont be there and you will have the head drain plug (same size) approx. 6 inches infront. Check out the topic on this forum called "doing a plus t on a unopened rb25neo". you will learn 75% of everything you have to do from there. the rest you can figured out or you can easily get your questions answered from searching the forums here or by private messaging guys like @DatsunBanana @NEO25T @Rusty Nuts and myself included
  14. 75T Is defiantly a series 2... I have successfully done a fully forged and built rb25de + T NEO conversion on my r34 as well all of the necessary supporting mods. Message me if you need any help or advice. I can also link you to forum threads with lots of useful information that i learned from.
  15. UPDATE: For those who care and for anyone who may be able to learn and get help from this post for their projects... the problem the god awful mishimoto electric fan. Its sucks booty butt cheeks and is better off being a fan for a computer or somthing... the stock clutch fan is honestly 10 times better in terms of air flow.
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