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  1. Thanks bro, appreciate it... lets hope i dont NEED to use this info soon
  2. Sorry but can you explain a lil more? my car is the 1998 ER34 25GT COUPE non hicas... so what you are saying is that i would need the front half of the r33 gtst's drive shaft as the spline that goes into the gearbox is different? Would this also mean that i may need to shorten or modify the overall length? Thanks for the reply by the way
  3. Lol yeah thats what i am trying to firgure out.... is it a bolt for bolt swap or do i have to modify drive shaft. I wonder if the the splines are the same?
  4. I got a pretty good question for y'all that i cant find an answer to no where..... In the event that my r34's 25De+T small box may one day give up with the abuse of being boosted and drifted, What would be involved with changing the small box to the R33 big box? My Main concern would be driveshaft compatibility, i do not think that my current stock drive shaft will work. Can anyone please shed some light on this, anyone ever done this in here? Any ideas or advice is welcomed. Thank you.
  5. CD009 Rev 2 with external slave cylinder has been proven and documented to take 1000HP... keep in mind that this particular box is alot less common over the many many many 350/g35 boxes over the 8 years that were made different with alot of slight revisions.
  6. This is from the states, very good price and i have been using this on my r34 for 8 months now. https://frsport.com/circuit-sports-alt-0v017-al-oe-alternator-nissan-r34-rb25det-neo-r34-rb26dett
  7. so why would he need a thicker oil as the car ages? just tryna learn
  8. Hello everyone, Please dont murder me but Can you run a water meth kit on a stock r34 GTT ECU? I have been considering doing this for the reduced chances of detonation, lower intake temps, and the cleaner combustion. Some one told me that you need to tune ecu's fuel mapping in order to gain the power benefits but he also mentioned that even with out a tune its still beneficial to run and cant do no harm. Anyone have a similar experience? is it safe?
  9. Sounds crazy but anyone who does 3d printing where you live locally can easily make this
  10. Hello everyone, My car is an r34 and It came with a rb25 de neo, i have Since made it a Forged De+T The engine is a built bottom end neo de with Manley Rods, Garret gt3071r , and Cp 9:1 pistons, etc etc etc... The car has been running perfectly on a stock GTT ECU with peak 9psi of boost and i plan to stay around this relatively stock power level. The head is completely stock but the intake ports have been machined to near det size I would like sleep better at night and build my head For reliability Concerns and my few questions are: 1- Can i use series 3 rb25Det turbo Cams on my de neo head? ( i have a complete series 3 rb25Det Engine doing nothing) 2- I built my motor in November 2019 roughly 8 months ago, should i buy new arp head studs again? I know i will Have to replace the head gasket 3- What would be some advice or Recommendations for my build, any brands that are shit and not to buy, what are some good brands? Feel free to tell me any ideas or comments, i wanna learn and open to anything, Its my first time building a head
  11. Yeah man, good luck and take pics and get back to us
  12. This actually is a really interesting post... to start, a small amount of Piston slap Is actual a normal occurrence in forged builds under certain conditions believe it or not. 1# Forged pistons are honed/bored at slightly higher than stock piston to wall clearance over factory cast pistons 2# Forged pistons and cast pistons dont have the same expansion under heat, forged pistons expand more hence and take more time too and thats why they need a greater tolerance. Sometimes depending on the application... forged pistons when in the bores can even rock back and forth to the point where they go “click clack” when moving them by hand. Crazy to think about but look it up on youtube from HPacademy. #3 Forged pistons usually have a central gudgeon pin location, where as cast/stock are made with an offset pin location on all OEM pistons, which helps reduce noise. Now, from my experience with my forged rb25neo, i do have some very slight slap on cold start but within 5-10 mins it is 100% Gone. This is considered normal with forged motors In your case with ur engine warmed up still slapping loud like hell and with ur compression readings, it may be that ur clearances are completely off and this is 100% the machinist/engine builders fault for not doing it or checking it correctly. Sorry to hear about it but keep us updated, very curious to know what happened or if its something else entirely.
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