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  1. Problem solved pretty far. Ecu got only 6-8v. By changing the alternator it helped a little bit but somehow the voltage was still too low in the ecu (10.9v). Everything else like maf, injectors, coils etc got perfect voltage. I took one wire off from the starter and it immediately rised to +12.8v in the ecu, pretty wierd. Maybe an ground leak/voltage leak or something else like an bad starter..
  2. I forgot to mention that the car has been running well before. The CAS should be ok, i tried it on another skyline and it worked well. It has an brand new ecu on it because the last one fryed somehow. it didint make the injectors pulse while spinning CAS. It is running nistune and wiring specialties harness
  3. So my RB25 has compression, gets fuel, gets good spark, has injection pulse and timing should be ok but it wont run (idle/response throttle at all). 1 of 50 Cranks it runs, but very poorly. While it runs i have unplugged the MAF and it stalls right away. By turning the CAS, rpm will change maybe by 100-300rpm but it doesnt effect pretty much. Turning also the TPS does not effect so much that it would help, maybe with 100-300rpm also. While pressing the throttle it sound really wierd, i took an video of it: It backfires alos alot if it would not start. Any suggestions what should i check? Here also a video of it while cranking it:
  4. Yup! Running solid soon for 4 years with 560whp and 690nm. Cp pistons, manley h-beams, acl bearings, all bolts ARP and cometic gasket. Head ported & polished. 840cc injectors with walbro 450 pump. This winter i am going to make some technical update, maxxecu. I may also open the engine and see what it has been eating for the last past years, just incase if something need to be changed..
  5. It is an J30 infiniti ecu. The elder R32 or Z32 ecus take Type 2 board yes correct, but they are 8bit so they are slow af. But the newer j30 ecu is 16bit. It has also better processor in it and they are much easier to find on sale. Older ones start to be under the stones..
  6. I did open the ecu. I didint find anything strange looking it by eye exept couple pins what are supposed to be so. I contacted our local tune shop ”zpower” and they said that it should be like that (Picture below) My ecu will be tested this week, so i will post the results of it! I am just curious what burnt my ecu if it is burnt, because i dont want to fry next 10x ecus.. it has nistune type 3 on it.
  7. Today i tested with an other ecu from my friends R33 and injectors worked fine but car wont run cos it was stockecu. Mine has nistune on it. Is my ecu fryed or can it be something else?
  8. Ill check the CAS wires! I am not sure that all the wires are ok in there but the mechanical connection between camshaft and CAS is fine! I think that the issue would be in the wires between ECU and injectors or something like that, hopefully.. And yes, i am spinning the CAS by hand. Sometimes i plug the CAS back for a crank with big magical hope if it would start but no..
  9. Thank you sir! Ill test them tomorrow and i will post the results right away. So i can check the injector pulse also by hooking up an test light into battery positive and the other end to injectors wire one by one? If it grounds so the test light would blink fast as i understood. And the same thing from the ECUs pins to be sure that the ECU is pulsing them overall?
  10. So my problem is that my car wont start. Injectors are not ticking while spinning the CAS but i can feel a small tick while cranking it. I tested the CAS with another one from a skyline which is working properly but it didint help. I also tested my cas in the other skyline, it worked fine so the CAS should be ok. Resistance of all injectors is 11.4 ohm, and they get 12.4v continuous but weak pulse voltage? While cranking the car, the other wire gets only 0.06v. Im not sure is it the pulse wire/voltage tho but it is the another wire of the two wires. Fuel pump starts working while spinning the CAS and gets good spark on every plug. The car was running fine earlier today but suddenly it wont start anymore. Could something be wrong with the injectors wiring or something else like an fuse or relay? So what should i check next? -R32 gtst Skyline 1992 with swapped RB25 and nistune ecu.
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