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  1. Hi all, chasing some advice on my RB30 build. I'm going with a Garrett 3076R with 1000cc bosch injectors on E85. Not looking to make massive power, just wanting parts that will run the setup comfortably. I've searched the forums but there seems to be no definite answer. Questions I have are: 1. What fuel pumps are people using? Not looking to go for a surge tank yet. I assume some type of Walbro setup, any recommended ones? 2. Computers? I was going to go with a nistune VLT ecu but if there are better 'budget friendly' options that people know of that would be awesome. Cheers in advance
  2. I'm in Sydney but willing to drive for parts, how much were you looking for?
  3. Cheers man, what would you estimate the total cost for parts roughly?
  4. Hi All, Thinking of getting into the drift scene with an R31 however I have searched the forums and come to no definite conclusion about RB20DET/ET vs RB30ET. Would it be better to buy an RB20DET/ET skyline or turbo an RB30E? I understand at the end of the day not project car is ever cheap in the long run but I'm trying to go for the most budget friendly option. Cheers.
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