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  1. I spoke to a shop yesterday and was told that Haltech's on their final stage of developing a software for their Elite Series that can control an Auto Tran. This is very good news to me as I want to keep the auto for the time being while saving up for a manual conversion. No ETA for software release so far.
  2. Any ECU you can recommend ? I have 1000cc injectors ready to be installed already. Unsure of the brand as I bought it off a mutual friend who ended up selling his skyline. Time will tell I guess with how these injectors perform.
  3. S1 Stagea AWD Auto RB25DET Current mod wishlist right now: Kinugawa TD06SL2-25G/HyperGear ATR45SAT Internally Gated GFB Respons Bov JustJap Intercooler Kit Walbro 255/Bosch 040 Splitfire Coils 1000cc Z32 AFM 3inch zorst Are there any news with ECU tuning? From forum research, it's probably best to go with Greddy eManage. Are PowerFC possible now with autos? Also, how much output am I to expect from this setup? My goal right now is 200 awkw. Possibly 250awkw but I've heard the auto trans might need some work after 200awkw.
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