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  1. Just heard there’s a new 34 in Sydney that someone paid over $350k for
  2. So I’ve placed my deposit to bid on some cars in Japan this week. My car is officially up for grabs. If anyone is interested, let me know. The car comes with full books, service history, 86,000 kms, grey, absolutely impeccable and presents as new. It’s completely original with no modifications at all. It has been serviced up to date. Will consider realistic offers.
  3. I’m still leaning towards the R33 and my search continues with no luck. Got in touch with some of the guys that can bid and import one for me, think I might take that route. Noticed a few of the big names are doing that and I guess because they would want something more unique and cleaner than the offering on our Aussie market. It’s a shame, so many cars here but they’re all destroyed
  4. It’s the best tool. I’ve been doing some thorough research and have spoken to a few different importers and even exporters that are Aussie and based in Japan. It has been summed up as this. All cars imported back in the 2000’s and even up until recently are most likely “repaired” cars. These are cars that have been involved in accidents, repaired, taken to auction then made their way here. Lots of dealers were purchasing and selling these sort of cars as they are the most profitable. For instance, right now at auctions, R32 GTR grade 4 with 120,000 kms sell for Yen 3-4+ million. The same car but graded R goes for $1.8-2.2 million. There’s a huge price disparity. The same is said across the board for all cars. So be careful and do your thorough research before purchasing anything. When they say yeah it’s okay it just had a little prang or some paint, don’t believe it, if you can just buy a car that is grade 3 at the minimum. Grade 4 R32 GTR landed in today’s money will cost $65,000 just to import if you were to win one today, so a dealer would need to price that at $80,000 so it is impossible to buy grade 4 cars for $50,000. Please do your checks and buy something that’s safe
  5. Nice pair Check out https://www.japaneseodometercheck.com/
  6. I think people are taking it too far now. So many have been trying to sell their cars as 3-4 rating and when you ask them for paperwork to back it up they say it’s lost. I run my Japanese rego checks and surprise, they’re all accident cars. Beware guys, run an online report before buying anything. I have spent hundreds of dollars so far but it’s the best tool on God’s green earth when buying a Japanese car.
  7. Checked out the black car that’s online and have to say to stay away. People continue to say they’re car is so clean etc and when you turn up, look underneath and you see the rust straight away. Really getting sick of all these false advertisers and people that blatantly lie. I skipped work and wasted half a day to be let down yet again. Excuse the rant but every car available online seems to be a dud.
  8. That looks quite good! You are beating me to it! I’ve got my eye on a local car but I’m waiting to hear back from the dealer. Theres minimal surface rust on that car that you’ve just posted pictures of, I’d say get it. Happy with the price? Books and paperwork?
  9. WOW! Its been a few weeks and I’m still searching. It’s proven difficult to find a car that hasn’t had modifications. I’m okay with an exhaust and some cosmetics. If anyone is selling one, please let me know. The lower the kilometres the better.
  10. What do you guys think of this example? Anyone dealt with this dealer before? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2931609827064216/
  11. Thanks for that info, your car looks great and I wouldn’t mind purchasing it! Send me a PM with details if you decide to sell the silver one. The 32 is an awesome car and everyone is telling me not to pry ways but I might have to dig a little further to get myself a 33. Any brokers on here or any recommendations? Might try to look at finance options if I were to keep the 32. So hard guys and taking in everything you are all saying
  12. Pretty much stock I don’t want a modified car. What would be a realistic sell price for an 82,000 km 1992 with books and grade 3.5 B at auction
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