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  1. I have an R34 ER N/A Model BKGAREAR34EDA-ECA-. I found this forum and was using the rotor and caliper guild. However nothing seems to fit here in Canada. I also wanted to go back to the front 4 and rear 2 pot caliper and found some. I removed the rear left seized one and replaced it with the 2 pot, the caliper fits perfect but is wayyy off from covering the full rotor surface. Any help, I would appreciate thanks again. I will attach photo's if requested.
  2. Hello, I'm a new Nisan Skyline sadly it's an R34 ER but I simply could no pass up the deal. I hope I can pick your brains on trouble shooting problems as I have now found out parts here are a bitch to find. Again I'm glad I found the site and please recommend any more that could be of help.
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