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  1. another sidetrack looking at s1 Nissan X-trail 1380kg with 4wd qr20de engine convert to rwd ditch box with front diff add Z33 box -50kg swap qr20 for vq35 with light flywheel, headers and itbs +10kg Rear tailgate replaced with piece of lexan -45kg Darn it still a 1300kg porker! Good looking box though https://i.pinimg.com/originals/3a/42/53/3a4253ba19dbb930c2a4420863b9b38b.jpg
  2. Got a connection for an S12 but its so rusty its too much work. There is a better S10, looks daggy but lightest big engined bay nissan I can find so far Doesnt look bad with flares or wide body kit but we shall see. Also looking at a vq40 bottom end with non variable heads from a vq30de to make tuning easier and although I wont get the max hp, 4.0L with some mild jim wolf cams should be healthy if I can get it fed by some modded Ducati or Aprilia ITBs (oval square units 65 x 52mm)
  3. Matt I have several japanese sites confirming 1120kg there could have been different trim levels and the auto adds another 20 or more kg. Definitely a good rig as a base.
  4. I chose the engine because I can get one for a good deal and has plenty of aftermarket support Id be happy with usable 260-300lbs of torque more than a high power goal. Ive got buddies now saying forget the vet and go the vq37 which are cheap and easy to take up to 260-280lbs of tq and 320hp. Problem is 350z are cheap but heavy and Ive always preferred nimble rwd cars than porkers. Looks like Im going to have to just wait for a Nissan Saurus jnr and hopefully can get that rego
  5. 3 x 40mm carbs 504hp and 370lbs of torque on a vq40de https://www.race-dezert.com/forum/threads/nissan-mid-engine-7200-resurrection.102436/page-2
  6. Well had some people tell me the sr20vet only weighs 5kg less than an NA vq35de and the vq is cheaper stock for stock. vq40 is also cheap but not interested in the heavy cars they come in. Almost bought a rwd R32 GTS which seem very light
  7. Sorry not good at typing on new computer that changes always back to japanese. Thanks GTSBoy you have got it right, however the example I have in mind is a gts25 which the Jp booklet says its 1280kg with the rb25de trim whilst the gtst is 1320kg. I havent come across an s15 manual but I agree its an S15 is a great base as it is. In some forums I have skimped across they argue the s14 as being better than the s15 I suppose they are close enough and price would make the only difference. On another the R33 has wide front track that the S chassis with similar suspension components that dont really give any any advantage over one another. Maybe there is no real weight advantage in S vs R series models mentioned but the Z and V35 are just too heavy for any stock SR. As for datsun 1000s, had my fair share of them in all their body types even fitted a 13b bp in a 2 door sedan that I couldnt roadworthy but was fun before I got done twice for noise and non engineer approved engine swap. I would own one again in a blink but pushing them beyond their design you need to clad them with very wide tyres to get more track width and not easy at all. Sure they have AC cobra wheelbase but no room to put AC cobra like rubber under them especially in the front. Maybe I should not just limit myself to the SRVET engine albeit still affordable here some folk are gettign amazing torque numbers from boosted qr25de+t setups? The post 2008 qr25de is supposedly the upgraded version that got rid of all the earlier problems pre 08 models suffered. It has more support than it used to sure no where near an SR but something different.
  8. S15 is listed as slightly heavier and shorter wheelbase than S14 Are there any advantages over the R33 as the RB25DE is 230kg and the sr20vet is 156kg. Im looking now at substracting the weight of the Rb25DE and S15 and R33 are the same if they had an Sr20de.
  9. Skill are not the issue knowledge of the specimens mentioned are but going for an mx5 would only deserve a late Mazda all alloy 2.3 diesel turbo. Lightest Nissan coupe is the aim. Otherwise a 310 sunny coupe would be the choice but getting rare these days and dont offer gts, v35, Sxx or Z handling or solid feel and would flex like a tissue box if not reinforced/strengthened
  10. Ive been studying the lower poor man coupe models from Nissan I can get a v35 350gt, R33 gts25, 350z and some others for cheap here in Japan but does anyone know which would be the lightest coupe that I could put an sr20vet into? So far looking at a r33 gts25 as they weigh the same as some of the older rwd r32, 180sx, silvias and yet seem lighter than the v35 and 350z etc. A real shame the 350z are so heavy as I like how compact they look. I would like RWD only, no fwd or awd, I have some plans for making it a daily and would also love to invest in a wide body kit eventually and fit some large deep dish wheels etc.
  11. Greetings SAU crew hopefully you can put up with my questions not really being online for long, old but willing to try and own a newer Nissan eg post 2yk regards, Dingo
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