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  1. Does anyone happen to know what front bar/bodykit this is? I had it on my now long gone 1997 R33 GTST Type M (1st pic and also in profile), and want to try and source the same kit. Thanks in advance .
  2. I recently purchased a 1995 R33 GTR V-Spec. It has a flex tune, making about 370awkw. I use E85 exclusively. Has upgraded injectors but not sure if the fuel pump is still stock or not (which I’m thinking might be the issue?). As per the video, it has an intermittent issue of surging/pulsing revs at idle, which will eventually stall if I don’t manage the revs with the accelerator. Won’t usually happen during a cold start, but after it’s warmed up and I make a stop during my journey and turn off the engine, then restart, it rears its head. Can also present when driving, as I slow down/stop, then sit at idle, it will stall if I don’t keep on top of it. It has no trouble during acceleration by the way. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. IMG_1736.MOV
  3. I understand that they were Volk Racing F Zero Challenge wheels (rare these days apparently), but would anyone happen to know what the body kit is? Unfortunately that’s the only photo I have of it as well.
  4. Hello all Way back in 2003, in my mid 20’s, I purchased a relatively stock, low km’s, very clean 1997 R33 GTS-T “Type-M” Skyline with sunroof, when I was living in South Australia (as pictured). Only mods were the steering wheel, body kit (not sure what type it is), cat back exhaust, Tein suspension and a great set of Volk Racing wheels. After about 6 months of ownership, I added a GReddy FMIC (purchased from Perfect Run), turbo back exhaust, heavy duty clutch, camber kit and earthing kit (seemed like a good idea) courtesy of Car Toys. Long story short, despite only having modest power mods done, I enjoyed that car immensely but ultimately sold it after only 2.5 years ownership because I thought I was getting “too old” for a car like that (I know, crazy). It was sold to a good friend of mine, who then sold it onto a friend of his after only 12 months, who soon after crashed/wrote-off the car. Some material things you can enjoy, sell, then move on to the next thing. For me, as much as I thought I’d be ok after selling it, turned out to be one of my biggest regrets. I’m currently the very happy owner of a modified 2017 GT Mustang, but over the last few months have been having vivid dreams about driving my old R33, so much so, that I’m seriously considering getting another that resembles the old one as close as possible. I guess this is my mid-life crisis coming to bear.
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