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  1. Hello gents! @ThePurpR34 here, so I purchased this R34 GTT earlier this year. I have essentially been tackling the things the previous owner did/did not do to better fit the car to my standards. According to him it is a front gtr z-tune bumper and z-tune hood YET clearly the fitment is not proper. As you can tell from the picture, the grille part of the bumper seems to be a straight line whereas the hood curves up for the grille area creating the gap. What kind of hood will fix this fitment issue? From looking it looks as though an oem gtr hood would fix? Never really introduced myself on these forums, lots in the future for this car so I'll most likely create a thread once it's re-wrapped. Thank you guys for the advice and phenomenal amount of knowledge around these forums!
  2. Hello everyone. I purchased a highly modified '98 r34 gtt this past February and have run into something completely unfamiliar... Wiring harnesses. Purchased a new gtx3071r and after a few e-tuning pulls my knock stopped registering completely. Upon inspection one of my knock sensor connectors was cracked and fully disconnected. I purchased a new knock sensor sub harness and am going to be tackling it this weekend and need a bit of guidance; 1) I have a intake plenum so accessibility to the knock sensors/wiring is nearly impossible, is it easier to go from the top and start removing the entire plenum or go from underneath? 2) Whereabouts should I expect amongst my main harness to find the connection for the knock sub harness? Would help if I knew a ballpark even mid engine'ish. Any info whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. I've done lots of research and there seems to be very minimal info around the knock sensors & their harnesses for the rb25. I had a modified evo prior but unfortunately wiring & skylines are an entirely new world to me. Thank you so much and have an amazing day! - @ThePurpR34
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