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  1. Hey guys ended up being one of my boost lines and my inter cooler piping that had blast off thanks for the help shes running now
  2. Thanks for quick reply's really does mean alot. It does move in all gears reverse etc... it just "braps" so it kind of just hops along and won't drive smoothly. Sorry for the description i wrote in in a hurry pretty bummed right now because of what happened. All i heard was a loud bang and the car just sort of died. I will check the intercooler piping Tomorrow as it is pretty late and i have a long work day tomorrow.
  3. I was driving my car late last night when i was at a stop i shift into first (automatic) i decided to give it a bit of gas not full throttle and then i aggressively shifted into second unsure when i heard a loud BANG my car started to splutter and lose throttle and the Check engine light came on. I pulled over and the car sputtered and died so i went to investigate and didn't see any oil or fluid leaking from underneath but i smelt a burning of some sort maybe clutch? After i pushed it home i tried to turn it on the engine light went away but it now has some sort of lumpy idle like BRAP 1 second BRAP 1 second this happens in neutral drive reverse and first gear anyone have suggestions or theory i am thinking a blown gearbox? but would that cause the weird lumpy issue thanks. TLDR shifted aggressively in an auto heard a bang now car is lumpy in gears and idle
  4. Thanks for the reply I thought it might be something to do with the ecu as well but I will look into the other faults
  5. Car - factory turbo auto series 2 r33 I am having some issues with boost after going full throttle. What seems to be happening is after doing 1 or 2 pulls typically in 3rd gear it will basically stop boosting the boost gauge will go up to maybe 3 or 4 so psi (running stock boost) and have the same constant exhaust note (loud drone) regardless of what gear it is in. To fix this i usually pull over turn the car off and wait 5 seconds then it returns to normal no constant exhaust note and boosts how it should. I think it might be worth noting the transmission Is pretty stuffed its the factory Auto gearbox and after warming up it will slip from 4th to 3rd with overdrive on and what sounds like 3rd slipping occasionally after heating up. I have changed the trans fluid and filter that seemed to prolong how long the gearbox took to slip. Any advice would be greatly appreciated i plan on manual swapping this car when i have the funds for a big box so if the trans is the issue it would be a relief.
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