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  1. I'm thinking of buying '91 R32 GTR but I'm curious what the "safest" safety equipment would be. I know that doors aren't reinforced. Is it possible to put '92 doors or it's not a good idea? And how I can change the airbags?
  2. For my Audi A4 3.2 I use Total Quarts 9000 energy OW30
  3. I have never been in depression but sometimes I fell very anxious and angry. Once I broke my phone cause I was so angry that just threw it. To fix it cost a half of the price! Occasionally I've got a feeling that everyone without me will fell better. It's realy hard for me to take all these feelings under control and I'm considering about psychologist. Steve85 Maybe you've got some piece of advice for me how to overcome all of this?
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