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  1. Just one short question. Because i searched ans mostly the noise appears when its not depressed. In my case when my foot is on it. So thats because there is not enough load on it?
  2. @benc34 Yes it is a twin plate clutch indeed. So nothing to worry?
  3. Hello, I recently bought a r33 gtr with a stage 2 clutch in it. I just want to ask if it is sort of normal that i hear the clutch rattling in idle when its depressed? BR
  4. Hello guys, I am from europe and I recently imported a Skyline r33 gtr. Right now the car is equipped with HKS Super Drager Muffler. My question is: Is it possible to create an angled exit with this Muffler by welding a pice into it? And will it affect the sound quality of the car? BR
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