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  1. I forgot to mention that the bulbs have been replaced with LEDs. So either they are broken completely or not
  2. Hi, i have an issue. When i turn on the lights before starting the car, all dashlights are working properly. As soon as I start it up and drive the lights behind the speedometer begin to flicker and turn off completely. Sometimes they come back on randomly. I also searched for a dimmer but aparently I can't find one in there. Have anyone had such an issue before or can anyone help? I would like to prevent stripping out the interior :D Thanks in advance :)
  3. Haha no im not that type xd livin in europe (austria) my only goal is to keep that car healthy ✔
  4. Thanks so much for that info. Helps me a lot. Btw i have the power fc installed, how high should i set the rev limiter? Any suggestions?
  5. Hi guys, This questions might be stupid but when driving with a rb26 (r33 gtr), how much do I need to care about revs, fast throttle let off and stuff like this. My car has around 380 crank hp and 310 whp. (Bigger injectors, twin plate clutch, stock boost) Of course regular maintenance is done BR
  6. Just one short question. Because i searched ans mostly the noise appears when its not depressed. In my case when my foot is on it. So thats because there is not enough load on it?
  7. @benc34 Yes it is a twin plate clutch indeed. So nothing to worry?
  8. Hello, I recently bought a r33 gtr with a stage 2 clutch in it. I just want to ask if it is sort of normal that i hear the clutch rattling in idle when its depressed? BR
  9. Hello guys, I am from europe and I recently imported a Skyline r33 gtr. Right now the car is equipped with HKS Super Drager Muffler. My question is: Is it possible to create an angled exit with this Muffler by welding a pice into it? And will it affect the sound quality of the car? BR
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