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  1. Hi guys, I forgot to install the breather hoses, are they important or can i leave the hoses towards the ground? Best regards
  2. Hi guys, I took my gearbox off (R33 GTR) the other day and I made a mistake. instead of simply removing the pipe at the end of the gearbox, I removed the whole Flansh (Unit) where the pipe is attached to. Now my question is: Is it fatal? and there was a lot fluid coming out which I assume was the Transfercase fluid. Is that correct? So if I assemble it again can I simply reseal the unit and fill the transfer case and bleed it or was the fluid a different one than the on out of the transfer case? Is there anything else I need to take care of? Best regards!
  3. teah we looked at it it seems to be fine, we bled the lines and changed the whole brake fluid. next step i am going to look at is too shortcut the clutch damper. maybe de piston of the damper is not sealing well. friend of mine had that problem on a Nissan Patrol. Ill give an update. Thanks in advance!
  4. Also I dont think thats bent, the pedal feels like it should, or wouldnt i recognise it?
  5. what do you mean with cracking and bending? u mean the master cylinder? thanks
  6. Thanks for the input, i am pretty sure that we managed to bleed the lines well so that point is done. If the clutch is nearly done then it is finde for me but my concern is that its not opening fully. I just want to sort that out before i do something else.
  7. Hi guys, I have a problem. First of all I do have a Twin plate clitch in my r33 gtr. When pressing the clutch pedal it make some rattling noise, after reading and gathering some info this is considered as normal with those type of clutches? The bigger problem is that my gearbox sometimes gets stuck in 1st gear when im stopping with the clutch fully pressed it still wants to go forward. Also its really hard to change gears sometimes. I ve done an gear box oil change and bleeded the clutch line (both damper and slave cylinder). Nothing helped. I would need some advice where too look at next. Could it be that my clutch pedal needs to be adjusted? (clutch feels heavy but normal and the point where it grabs is late) Please give me some advice :) BR
  8. Hi folks, so I am looking to buy a set of front seats, and for that i need to get a seat bracket. Can anybody tell me if Seat brackets from the 300zx are compatible with the R33? An onlineshop is offering those or the ones from the r34. Not sure if any of these will fit into my r33 ... Thanks in advance
  9. I forgot to mention that the bulbs have been replaced with LEDs. So either they are broken completely or not
  10. Hi, i have an issue. When i turn on the lights before starting the car, all dashlights are working properly. As soon as I start it up and drive the lights behind the speedometer begin to flicker and turn off completely. Sometimes they come back on randomly. I also searched for a dimmer but aparently I can't find one in there. Have anyone had such an issue before or can anyone help? I would like to prevent stripping out the interior :D Thanks in advance :)
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