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  1. Hi guys, any one kind enough to measure the area of the highlighted area ? I wish to install a pair of 20cm x 6.5cm ducts, I wonder if it will fit on the r34 gtr front bar . My car is stuck in workshop now, so I am unable to measure . Thanks a lot guys
  2. Quick question, is it possible to use the stock heat shield on the xforce cat for r34 gtt?
  3. Fitting a bigger turbo is somewhat in the grey zone, usually if it’s still on factory’s mounting position, you can get away with it. As for the exhaust system, they are super strict with it, we are only allowed SOME jasma approved catback . And as for front pipe, I am using hks, but I wrap it with the stock shield . I am located in Singapore .
  4. Well, it’s really a pain in the ass for car modification here. Yes I can run a cat with single piece bell mouth, but since the oem part come with elbow and a connecting front pipe, I am not allowed to change to a single piece . Therefore my options are limited , and I wish to make the best out of the limited options, so any more advise will be greatly appreciated !
  5. Hi all, I am now running atr45sat with stock dump, hks front pipe, stock cat(empty inside ) , trust pe2 catback on my gtt. Only manage to get round 350 [email protected] told me to the main issue is the dump pipe. I have a few options in my mind now, wishing to seek advise from experts here. 1: possible to get a 3inch elbow dump (tomei/hpi) to pair up with my hks front pipe and a xforce hi flow cat? 2: hks elbow dump ,hks front pipe ,xforce hi flow cat. 3:tomei/hpi elbow , with Japspeed full 3inch front pipe, xforce hi flow cat my concern is the fact that the inlet of my hks front is 2.5 Inch, only the outlet is 3inch, if I use a 3inch elbow, will it affect the flow? (That’s why I am contemplating to get the japspeed front pipe, looks like it’s 3inch both inlet and outlet ) Ps:due to local authority restriction , I need to have my cat intact , and I cannot do ewg. any advise will be greatly appreciated
  6. Hi guys, I’ve just got my dream car r34gtt, finally after waiting for more then 15years , I achieved my dream. Even though it’s not a gtr, I am more then happy, cos any r34 is rare in Singapore,and cars in Singapore are ridiculously priced, so I am glad to own one and be part of this skyline community! Looking forward to post updates of my mods! Thanks for having me here.
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